Bathroom vanities get very little respect. We take them for granted and use a word for them that basically means having excessive pride. Yet the vanity is often our first stop each and every morning. It’s our station to brush our teeth, put on makeup, comb our hair, and otherwise get ready to tackle the day.

When remodeling or updating a bathroom, most people pass over their vanity without much of a second thought. Yet installing a new vanity is one of the easiest ways to spice up and improve the function of nearly any bathroom. One question that is asked by a lot of people that do decide to update their bathroom vanity is “should I put in a double sink or just stick with one?”

Benefits of a Double Sink

Installing a double sink in your bathroom has numerous benefits. In fact, if you have enough space, there are very few reasons not to install a double sink. The best benefits of a double bathroom sink include:

Efficient: Double sinks are highly efficient, especially on hectic mornings. If you have a large family or have the same work schedule as your spouse, then you know all too well that there is often a fight for precious sink time. Two sinks give everyone a whole lot more space to get ready for the day.

Spacious: In addition to adding more space for the people using them, a double sink often includes extra storage space as well. Installing a double sink brings extra counter space and underneath cabinet storage with it.

Personal: A double sink and the associated vanity can add a touch of personal flair to your bathroom. You can select a vanity that matches your own personal style.

Increased Resale Value: One of the biggest benefits of going with a double bathroom sink is that it increases the resale value and resale potential of your home. A double sink is always a talking/selling point when potential buyers are viewing a home that is for sale.

Affordable: Sure, installing a double sink is going to cost money. Honestly though, what doesn’t? But at the same time the money is very well spent. A double sink increases the efficiency of your bathroom, gives you more storage space, and improves resale potential. And installing one is cost effective compared to a lot of other bathroom improvements and upgrades.

Installing a Double Bathroom Sink

Installing a double bathroom sink is a lot easier than it sounds. The first step is finding a room that has the space required for the extra plumbing and cabinetry. Charting out the room with a tape measure and graph paper (and then making a scale drawing of the place) is very helpful in finding out whether a room is large enough or not.

Perhaps the easiest way to install a double sink is to simply expand your existing bathroom vanity. Keep the sinks close, within 30 inches, so you can use a single water line.

Upgrading a bathroom sink from a single to a double is one of the best bathroom renovations you can do. It is relatively simple, easy, and affordable. It will also help boost the resale potential of your home. Though it is definitely possible for a double sink installation to be a DIY project in the right hands, most people will be better off hiring a plumber or contractor to help with the project.