Atlanta started as a railroad town and is now the 8th largest economy in the country. The southern city is known for it's diversity, liveliness and dense tree canopy which has earned it the name "city in a forest." Roughly 36% of the city is covered in trees making it a beautiful setting for beautiful luxury homes. Here are some of our favorites, built by the best contractors and architects in Atlanta, Georgia.

1. Beveridge Residence by Peek Design Group

We have to kick the list off with a nod to the classic Georgian home. Black shutters, wood siding, brick and shingles are all you need to build a home to last a lifetime in the south. Peek Design Group revived a dying art when setting out to design the Beveridge Residence and we couldn't be more impressed with the result.

2. 1867 Farmhouse Renovation by Historical Concepts

Historical Concepts specializes in old home restoration. There are countless antique homes in greater Atlanta area and they stumbled upon a gem of a projects with this 1867 Farmhouse. Designing a beautiful luxury home isn't easy but even more difficult is giving a home charm. This little home certainly has it, inside and out!

Interior design company ShowHouse Home & Garden didn't miss a beat. We love the rustic sliding doors and barn chic style. Building and construction was left up to the master hands of John Bynum and the result is a home we'd drop everything to move into.

3. Sandy Springs House by Norwood Architects

We love this modern barn by Norwood Architects. White washed bricks and and a metal roof make this home a modern classic. The mini farm makes good use of the ample garden space and this angle shown above is only the start, wait till you see the back!

We love this rear courtyard complete with a chic outdoor fire pit and comfy outdoor chairs.The massive industrial iron-clad windows add to the modernity of this very unique transitional home.

4. Ansley Park Residence by A Classical Studio

Hasn't everyone dreamed of living in a home like this? Ionic columns, gorgeous mouldings, brick, brick and more brick. Can you count the chimneys? A Classical Studio spared no detail when creating this classic throwback. Something about a brick makes a home so much more inviting than any modern material. The classic features of this home are also present in the back where you'll find a lovely space.

This lovely patio may as well be the living room because we can't find any reason why one wouldn't want to spend every free moment out here!