If you are like most home owners, the idea of buying a brand new home theater system is truly an exciting experience - until you take your gizmos and gadgets out of the box. Wires seem to be coming from every where; there are slots and cables and devices cluttering your entire living room by the time you've sorted through it all! And then there are the manuals that come with each (who knew a speaker system could take over an hour to figure out?). Most home owners suddenly feel a sinking regret - as well as a headache - and continue to put off actually piecing together their home theater system for as long as they possibly can.

If you have taken the time to buy the very best home theater system that your money can buy, then you should also take the time to have it installed correctly (which usually involves a professional and NOT you). This is when you may want to consider hiring on a cable installer to connect your cable, digital television or satellite service to your brand new theater system.

So just how do you go about looking for a professional cable guy or girl to do the job? Call up your local cable installation companies. Ask them for any referrals (which should come back as glowing reviews for the individual). You can even ask the retailer you purchased your home theater from for a name of a trusted cable installer.

WARNING! The store you purchased your media center from will probably try to encourage you to use their installation crew. It is very important to realize that, though convenient, their crew may have an hour or less of training so they may not be the best suited to your needs.

Here are some questions you should ask once you have gathered at least 5 names:

  • What sort of education have you gone through that makes you a professional in this field?
  • Do you have any valid certifications?
  • Do you hold a valid license in this area?
  • How much do you charge?
  • Do you have any sort of warranties or guarantees for your work?

Be sure that you receive satisfactory responses to these questions before hiring anyone.

Now, we all can agree that trying to save a dollar here and there, especially during these hard times, is certainly tempting. Even when you look at your home theater system and the cables involved, it may look simple to install t first (sometimes, this is true, especially if you are simply changing only the television and not installing many more components). If you are looking are relocating the current cable, adding on a cable (which requires a whole new cable installation) or if you are putting in a satellite service, it is best to leave this type of work to a professional installer.

Consider how you probably do not have the appropriate parts to finish the job. Just buying the parts alone can cost as much as hiring a professional!

So if you are looking at installing a new cable, rerouting an existing connection, adding two or more components to your home theater system or are easily frustrated by this sort of work, consider calling a professional cable installer.