Sometimes it’s a really hard choice between a home with luxurious and comfortable living quarters and a home with a great view. Other times, though, you can find a home with not just a great view, but an amazing view. Below are five of the world’s most beautiful home views that will leave residents without a care as to what amenities their homes include (though, as you’ll see, none of them are very shabby at all).

1. Beach Rock Tree House

It often takes a minimalist approach to access some of the best views in the world. Here we find a tiny house built atop a tree, designed in 2005 by Kobayashi Takashi to communicate with outer space. This tree house sits high above the treetops of the Okinawa forest, offering beautiful soaring views of the lush greenery of Japan. With its modest contemporary design, visitors to this Plexiglas enclave will begin to feel one with the amazing views presented to them.

2. Meteora Monastery

This incredibly beautiful as well as incredibly precarious monastery resides in the rocky mountains of Greece. This structure has a fascinating history – it was built long ago by monks who used to live in surrounding caves but were driven out by Turkish invasions. Eventually, the monks climbed as high as they could to avoid occupation and built their monastery here. It’s called the Meteora monastery, which translates to “hovering in the air”, and while this may sound terrifying it is also terrifyingly beautiful!

3. Private Beach House

Often times, luxurious living does indeed equate with luxurious views, and this home proves the point. It was designed by the architect firm Rangr Studio in Cabrera in the Dominican Republic. With truly stunning ocean views that can be enjoyed from its beautiful pool, the house is completely secluded and nestled far away from prying eyes, making for a completely private and tranquil experience.

4. Williamsburg Penthouse

A city view is a unique and in some ways unbeatable view, if you find the right one. The residents of this New York penthouse have certainly found the right view, as it overlooks the water and presents a wonderfully removed image of the bustling metropolis of Manhattan. The apartment itself is quite small, but it has a massive outdoor terrace available to enjoy the view from many directions and at all hours. Nothing elaborate but deck designs don't get much better than this. It’s certainly a home view that would never get boring!

5. Odeon Tower Penthouse

At the same time that this penthouse has perhaps one of the best views in the world, it is also one of the most expensive in the world at $400 million. The apartment offers a mind-blowing view of the water while also offering residents a truly decadent lifestyle. In fact, the builders of this tower have apparently gotten into some trouble with surrounding Monaco, as it blocks the view of less well-off residents. 

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