Water pressure funky on your kitchen faucet? Then you’re probably looking at a clogged aerator. When minerals and other debris break off from your pipes over time, they get lodged inside of your faucet’s aerator, contributing to low water pressure. Luckily, there is a quick and easy DIY fix to a low pressure faucet.

Tools Required

  • Pliers

Materials Required

  • Replacement Aerator (if replacing)

Time Required

  • Five Minutes

Difficulty Level

  • Easy

1. Remove Aerator

Grip the aerator and turn it clockwise while looking down on it. You might need to use a pair of pliers to get it loose. I had to.

2. Clean or Replace

Once removed, you can take the parts out of the aerator and clean them off. This is a quick and easy fix. However, aerators are super cheap (no more than $5) so it’s almost always a better bet just to replace them. Take your old aerator down to your local home improvement store and have them find you a match.

3. Reinstall Aerator

Reinstall your freshly cleaned or brand new aerator by twisting it back onto the faucet counterclockwise. Turn the water on to make sure it was replaced correctly.

Final Thoughts on Fixing a Low Pressure Faucet

Low pressure faucets are annoying. Fortunately, they are almost always easy to fix. Before attempting other repairs, clean or replace the aerator to see if that nips the problem in the bud. Chances are that it will.