Last week, I covered how to stop a door from slamming in 3 easy steps. The project, which I call a DIY “hack,” literally takes only ten seconds and a somewhat thick rubber band. In the how-to, I mentioned an alternate method to stop a door from slamming using felt pads. Because this is a more discrete fix, I thought I’d run through it below.

So here is an alternate way to cheaply and easily fix a slamming door with felt pads.

Materials Required

  • 2 Small Felt Pads

Time Required

  • 10 Seconds

Difficulty Level

  • Very Easy

Hire a Contractor?

Like I said in my rubber band how-to, there really is no reason to hire a contractor to fix a slamming door unless it is a major problem. The vast majority of the time the rubber band hack or this felt pad hack will do the trick just fine. If you decide you do need to hire a contractor, their repairs might range from replacement of an entire door (and possibly the frame) to installing a pneumatic door closer.

1. Stick Felt Pads to Inside of Door Frame

All that you need for this DIY hack is two small felt pads, like the kind you might place on the bottom of the legs of a dining chair. Simply peel the backs off of these pads and stick them to the inside of the doorframe. I like to place mine near the lock area but it doesn’t really matter where they go. As long as they are on the inside of the doorframe, you can spread them out as much as you wish.

Final Thoughts on Fixing a Slamming Door With Felt Pads

That is literally all that it takes to fix a slamming door with felt pads. A single step. If you live in a situation where doors slam regularly (for example, with young children or noisy roommates), you might even decide to felt pad every doorframe in your house. By reducing slamming, felt pads greatly quiet the related noise and prevent your doors from damage. It’s a very simple and quick fix, yet one that everyone should know! You may also want to fix that squeaky door hinge if you've got a list of annoying noises in your home.