Though the man cave sometimes receives a bad reputation for being tacky and in poor taste, there is no denying that they are still the dream of many men. If you are in this same camp, the “I want a man cave” camp, then there is no need to fret.

There have definitely been a lot of advancements in the “science” of man caves in the past couple of decades. They no longer have to be the tacky, cringe-worthy rooms of yesteryear. Today’s man caves reflect their owner’s personal interests while imbuing a sense of comfort, style, and class into the environment.

What is a Man Cave?

A man cave, man room, man den – whatever you want to call it – does not have to fall under a specific blanket. These days, a man cave can be nearly anything you want it to be. In essence, it is a place for you to retreat – whether you are a man or a woman (though the term “woman cave” isn’t thrown around often, they definitely do exist) – to relax, get away from it all, and enjoy your interests.

The image that most of us have of a man cave is of a basement room filled with couches, memorabilia, and a big screen television - maybe a home mini bar in the corner. And while this is still a template for a great man cave, there are so many more options to choose from. Elegant home bars, sports-infused viewing rooms, classic game rooms with billiard tables and pinball, private libraries, and workshops are only a few examples of what a man cave can be.

4 Great Man Cave Ideas:

Creating a great man cave is all about you. It is about tossing away your idea of what a man cave should be and focusing on what you want your man cave to be. Incorporate your own personal interests and tastes into its design for the most welcoming and comfortable man cave possible. And remember, while the traditional man cave might be located in the basement, yours can be anywhere: in a spare bedroom, an office, the attic, even the garage.

Below are four examples of man caves that will give you numerous ideas and inspiration for your own. Use these as a template for your own and you are sure to have the perfect home hideaway in no time at all.

1. The Sports Room

The quintessential man cave, the sports room is for those guys among us that hold Sunday pro football holy. It is a manly escape that is dedicated to sports, sports, and more sports.

Most sports rooms are centered around a home theater, generally consisting of a big screen TV (or maybe a high-definition digital projector) and a solid pair of surround-sound speakers. Comfort is provided in the form of plush seating and perhaps a built-in bar. If you have enough cash, you might even consider putting a couple of your favorite beers on tap.

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2. The Music Den

The musical among us deserve a man cave specifically dedicated to our love of music. Whether you want to listen to your LPs on full blast or strum the guitar yourself, a musical man cave is the space to do so in peace.

The key to building a great music room is soundproofing. Your best bet is to select a room that does not share walls with any of your home’s bedrooms (this way nighttime tunes won’t keep others up). You might also want to consider adding some additional soundproofing. Though soundproofing insulation can be used, your best bet is to build a room within a room. Of course, a music room will also need a great set of speakers, an audio system, and maybe a couple of your favorite instruments to round things out.

Though music rooms can come in all shapes and sizes, the one in the picture above is a solid example of a superior setup.

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3. The Workshop

If you’re the type of person that loves to tinker, then building a man cave workshop is probably a smart bet for you. These handy retreats are perfect for those that don’t like to stop working even when it is the weekend.

You should tailor your man cave workshop to your particular interests. Like woodworking? Then tailor it around this. Prefer coding or fiddling around on the computer? Create a high-tech workshop space. We feel that adding a television and a stereo is a must whether your mission is to build a new dining room table, tinker around with a project car, or organize your stamp collection.

The picture above illustrates a well-organized workshop that any handy man would feel happy in.

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4. The Home Bar

Few man cave ideas are as popular as the home bar. The great thing about the home bar is that it can be the actual theme of the room or you can add one to a room with any theme (including those discussed above).

A home bar starts with a great selection of booze. You don’t need to go overboard but it is a good idea to have a couple of your favorite bottles on hand as well as an ample selection of beer. A comfortable seating area, a television for sports games and movies, and a pool table are all nice additions. Make sure to stock your bar with a wide range of cocktail glasses, bitters, and other tools/ingredients to really impress your guests.

The room in the picture above shows a decent-sized home mini bar with a comfortable lounge area and a pool table for long nights of good fun with friends or by yourself.

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Get Started!

Creating a man cave hideaway in your home doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking. The key is to start small and build from there. A couch, your favorite decorations, a couple of bottles of booze, and a television are a great start. Add more, pick a theme, and continue building your man cave as space allows.