Seriously though, who wouldn’t want a swimming pool in their backyard? They provide months of summer fun and enjoyment for the entire family (and can even be used all year round depending on where you live). And while most of us would die for just about any type of swimming pool, there are a number of ways that you can take the design of yours, no matter how big or small, or expensive, up an extra notch.

That’s why we put together this list of the 7 great swimming pool designs below. Whether you’re planning to install your own pool or just feel like daydreaming, you’re sure to love these amazing swimming pool ideas.

1. Country Style

A great swimming pool is about more than just the pool itself. This design gives off a country ranch style feel with an added dash of elegance thanks to the pristinely manicured hedge row off to the side. A built-in fire pit is the perfect place to warm up after an evening dip.

2. Luxurious

The pool behind this contemporary white mansion is as large and luxurious as they come. We particularly like the ample in-pool lighting that makes it easy to take a late night swim. The recessed stairs give this pool an even more professional and classy design.

3. Enclosed

Few things can make swimming in a pool this size unenjoyable. One of those things is mosquitos. And in hot and humid areas like Florida, where this pool is located, mosquitos are an unfortunate fact of life. That’s why this pool incorporates a full-screen cover into its design. The gray brick patio and funky shape of the pool itself add a fun and relaxed vibe to this amazing setup.

4. Indoor Pool

Who says that an awesome swimming pool has to be built outside? If you live in a colder climate or just want a pool you can swim in year round, then an indoor pool like this one is for you. We love the contrast between the bright blue pool tiles and the log cabin walls and old-fashioned exposed roof beams.

5. Compact Indoor Pool

Don’t have a lot of room on your property for a swimming pool? Then a tiny indoor pool like this one is for you! Though it is small, it is still a great place to take a dip, splash around with friends, or just float and relax. You might even be able to swim laps (tiny laps!) if you really want to.

6. The Classic

Once one of the most common swimming pool designs, kidney-shaped swimming pools aren’t seen quite as often these days. But that isn’t to say they don’t look great. Break away from the mold of pools with straight lines and 90 degree angles with a kidney-shaped pool. This one’s sanded brick patio and manicured hedge give it an extra dose of class.

7. Back to Basics

Get back to the basics with a traditional swimming pool. Another kidney-shaped design, this pool skips on the luxury and focuses on functionality. It’s much more like the kind of pool you’d find in a recreation center or gym rather than at a celebrity’s home. The blue safety line and depth markings are nice finishing touches.

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