If you've done any remodeling work in your home you may realize that now your old kitchen cabinets just don't seem to fit. Everyone's budget is squeezed these days so you may not have the funds available to do complete kitchen remodeling. Fortunately there are options for updating those cabinets and making them look new again, with going through a complete remodeling project. A cabinet refinisher can work with you and your budget to make those cabinets look new again.

Of course you may have concerns about hiring a contractor; any time you need work done in your home it can involve some worry. But consider a few important tips to save you time and money - and headaches - when looking for a refinishing professional in .

Before even talking to a cabinet refinisher, consider:

  • Getting referrals from someone else you trust such as another home professional or contractor.
  • Taking measurements of your cabinets and drawers and counting how many you have of each. Of course the contractor will take his or her own measurements but having an idea beforehand will help with pricing options.
  • Looking around at other cabinets and their finishes so you know what type you prefer.

Your first conversation with your cabinet refinisher should include the following information:

  • Where and how you got the referral or their contact information. They'll want to know if their marketing efforts are working and may want to thank the person that referred them!
  • Talk openly about the work you want to have done and the finished look you're after.
  • Price estimates as well as estimates for the timeframe it will take to complete the job.
  • A time when the contractor can walk through your kitchen to get measurements and other necessary information.
  • What is required of you before the job begins, such as emptying those cabinets and drawers.
  • The size of their team and how many people you can expect to have in your home.
  • Their licensing information and any other requirements to work in the area.
  • Talk about environmentally friendly materials that are available, if this is your preference.
  • The amount of clean-up they'll do after the job.

And before they get to work, consider the following:

  • Have you done everything expected of you, including removing items from the drawers and cabinets?
  • Do they have easy access to your kitchen?
  • Are you being sure to stay out of the kitchen when they are working?

And when the job is done:

  • They should clean up as agreed upon in the contract.
  • The completed look is as agreed upon as well.
  • The cabinets and drawers are reassembled correctly; everything opens easily and glides smoothly as well.
  • Pay your contractor!