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Benjamin M. Bedard
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I do HVAC work on the side after my full time job at CMS Mechanical out of Melbourne FL as the Area Service Manager. I have only filed bankruptcy twice and screwed hundreds of people out of money. I cheated on every women I've ever been with. I'm angry & violent. I've even attacked my step kids with steel poles, broke windows. I lie and steal. I can't even write a resume. My ex-wife wrote it for me to get a job. You should hire me as I smile big and make promises I don't keep. I'm a crook, thief & pathetic liar. Just check my jobs. I tell everyone I install parts I don't and steal from the companies I work for. I'm a great guy and Catholic not Christian. Hire Ben Bedard from Milton Vermont now residing in Matthews NC .


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Ben Bedard pretends to be a christian man, operating a licensed company but it is all fake. He is a con-artist. He has now moved this so called business to North Carolina. He employs people to work for him, works them 12 hours and only pays them for 3 or 4. On Fridays when it is time to get paid, he says he does not have the money, and makes you sell stuff for him so you can get your pay. If he does pay you the checks will bounce in your bank several times before they clear if they ever do and he will refuse to pay the charges you occur from the bank. He will cuss you and refuse to ever pay you. He lies to customers and gets very angry when asked about his license. Do not do business or work for this man.

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