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Ross NW Watergardens
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Ross NW Watergardens is a landscape design/build firm serving the Portland, Oregon area. What does that mean? We design a landscape that meets your family's needs and then we create it for you. You get to work with one team from start to finish. Our focus is high-end custom landscapes. That means that we design a landscape just for you. We don't install the same landscape over and over. The patio goes here, the boulder goes there, the lawn is here...(yawn). We spend time getting to know you and your property. Then we collaborate- trading pictures, emails, and eventually design versions- until you have a truly unique garden plan. Can a unique landscape still be practical? Absolutely. We refuse to fall in love with an idea that looks good on paper but will not work in reality. Your landscape has to function for your family or we have not done our job. When the time comes to install your design you will appreciate working with our team of craftsmen. Ross NW Watergardens is not just a company or business. We are a collection of designers, masons, technicians, and really hard workers! Our core team of crew leaders and masons have been with us for close to a decade! There are lots of things we do well, but we especially enjoy working with water and stone. If you have a Mid-century Modern home or want a Japanese Garden we really want to talk to you. Ross "Joe" Bowen is a second generation landscaper with over 30 years of experience. He is the President and CEO of Ross NW Watergardens and runs the day-to-day operations of our landscape projects. Ben Bowen, 3rd generation landscaper, is our head landscape designer and often the first person at Ross NW Watergardens you will speak to. Joe and Ben continue to push Ross NW Watergardens to create beautiful landscapes. Our portfolio is a testament to this. We were a finalist for Total Landscape Care's "Landscaper of the Year" award for 2014


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