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Anderson Construction Services LLC provides Additions and Remodels services in Mitchellville, IA. Call them at 515-967-1670 for more details.

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Jerry a
1 review

We contracted Anderson Construction to do roofing, siding, replacement windows, construct a front porch, and move the front door. Mr. J.W. Anderson visited us numerous times to share material samples, ideas, and estimates to meet our desired results.<br>We appreciated the detailed estimate Mr. Anderson gave us.<br>We were impressed with the work schedule, constant update of construction, organized areas of tools and materials, and good quality materials.<br>We contracted Mr. Anderson because he is a full service contractor. He completed the new porch, reconfiguring the existing roof, taking out windows in the living room, moving the entrance door, installing a new fiberglass door, patching the wall, removing shingles, putting on new shingles, ordering and installing new replacement windows, installing new vinly siding on the entire house and attached garage, and new guttering.<br>Mr. Anderson gave us a time estimate of six weeks. The job was completed in approximately six weeks.<br>Mr. Anderson was also available via cell phone if we had need to communicate. <br>We were impressed with the respect Mr. Anderson showed his employees.<br>We are quite satisfied with the job Mr. Anderson was contracted to do.

Ed A
1 review

I have known John for a number of years, not only a contractor, but also as a parent and community member.<br>John has done contracting work for the school district on a number of occasions. He and his crews have done roofing jobs, acoustical ceiling work, carpentry work, sheet rock installation, and a number of other construction projects. John is a very conscientious about his work. He takes care of the little things and those are the things that set him apart from other bidders and contractors.<br>I'd like to list a few examples of what I mean by "little things:" 1.) He always comes with a detailed estimate or bid sheet. There's never any "gray" area about how the job will be completed, or what it will look like when it's done. 2.)John sticks to his word. If he tells you that he will arrive on the job site on a certain date, he's there on that date. When John states a date of project completion, the job is completed by that date. 3.) John's work is top quality. He doesn't skimp on the quality of his materials and his owrk is very detailed. I have never had to call John back to a job because I have been dissatisfied with his work. When he is done with a job, it's done. 4.) He cleans up after himself. His work area is always swept up and put away at the end of the day. Tools are put away and his work site is secured. 5.) John is always very polite and well mannered. Customer satisfaction is a top priority for John. We certainly have been very satisfied and pleased with the work that John Anderson has done for us.<br>I would strongly recommend John Anderson. His work speaks for itself.

Larry L
1 review

I have known John Anderson, owner of Anderson Construction for over 13 years and have had John do construction work for me both on my rental houses and on my personal home.<br>I have always been very pleased with the quality of work and the speed and professionalism with which it was completed. All of the comments I have ever heard about the work and character of John have always been positive.

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