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Specializing in dialing into your precise needs and desires, and embodying them into an ultra customized timber framed entry, great room, back porch, gazebo,barbecue area, etc.Our focus is for the people who want the enjoyment of unique, personalized timber living. We believe your timber structure should portray the strength and durability of the solid relationships you have forged in your life. This is why we love giving you custom timber frame design and good, solid, heavy beam construction.


Project 5

Jul 18 2016Battle Ground, WA

Turning our customers dreams into reality, is an overused phrase. Rather than saying this, we prefer to describe the process that takes us from an initial brief to creating a beautiful structure, and the Camas Tree Fort is a perfect example. A wealthy client came into our office and said, “An old mining cabin, I want you to recreate an old mining cabin.” He talked and we sketched. The result was a small building with stick-framed carpentry that incorporated nice accents on the timber beams. We have an impressive portfolio of work and decided to take the client to see one of our past projects, so that he could visualize the end product. What happened after he returned from the site visit was amazing. The project, and you could be forgiven for thinking that we are exaggerating, increased by a scale of around fifty. He wanted a building that was fifty times bigger than the initial sketch. Logistically it was difficult as the access road, ironically, reminded us of a mining trail. So much so that at one point, when we were trying to get the massive trusses on-site, we only half joked when we considered using a helicopter. To our knowledge this is the biggest, most massive project of its type. Not only does the client have a bar and entertainment room, but there is also space to park his cars and helicopter. As if this wasn’t enough, when we thought the job was finished he asked for something extra. It was a pleasure to build a train track around the building that now has model trains running on it.

Project 5

Jun 29 2016Redmond, WA

The planning and building of the Summit Grove Lodge was really gratifying. The team of architects, landscape designers, and builders were all dialed in to making Summit Grove a classy place to hold events. The Lodge was refurbished from an old roadhouse that used to be right beside I-5 many years ago. People would stop by for a meal and to tank up their cars. The old gas pump stand is one of the remnants of the original roadhouse. Another component of the old roadhouse that was salvaged is the doors on the main entrance under the porte cochere. The foreman on the job reported that working with the huge beams was as scary as it was gratifying. The entire porte cochere, made of beams up to 24 inches in diameter, was built up on ground and test fit before being disassembled and carefully lifted onto the rock support columns. To see more beautiful post and beam projects, please visit our Gallery. Arrow Timber Framing Battle Ground, WA 98604 Phone:(360) 687-1868

Project 9

Mar 29 2016Battle Ground, WA

We love working with architects and clients and seeing the unique solutions created by the cross-pollination of ideas.

Project 7

See how a cross pollination of ideas shaped the design and placement of timbers to give a rustic elegance to this contemporary home in the Parade of Homes, 2015.

Project 5

Spend Money to Make Money. . .I finished the 3-D sketch and sent it to the developer of the property located on a mountain ridge overlooking a lake. Spring was coming and he wanted a stunning entry portal at the bottom of the road leading up to the mountain. The developer loved the sketch. “Perfect! This is exactly what I was after! How much will it cost?” And so the scope of work was defined, costs were compiled, and Arrow took care of everything but the roofing, gate, and stone. Because the entry portal and trusses are standing in a big open space it is important to make the timbers massive enough to visually balance the structure. In this case, this need for bulk on the structure was fulfilled by using double bottom chords. This means that we utilized a total of 8 beams on the bottom of the trusses compared to just 4 beams as the top members of the trusses. Now the value of the lots was increased which made so that his properties commanded a higher price. . .Earn by spending!

Project 6

Sep 17 2015Redmond, WA

Our designer here at Arrow Timber had always admired Timberline Lodge so he was especially relieved when the forest service engineer approved his suggestion to eliminate the unsightly bright metal clips that had been originally planned in exchange for more traditional mortise and tenon joinery even though it added many hours of labor! Perhaps the picture published in our local newspaper best sums up the feelings of teamwork and exuberance we experienced when installing the cupola at the peak of the structure 40 feet in the air … At last! We did it!

Project 7

Jul 14 2015Redmond, WA

We design your timber frame to work with your lifestyle. Not everyone has the same taste in timbers and we understand that. It is important that your needs and wants are being met during the design stage so that they are met during the living stage as well. From mantles and corbels to structural trusses and from back patios to exterior light blocks.

Project 3

May 26 2015Battle Ground, WA

Making post and pillar makeovers is some tea! It raises our heart rates. We adore working with engineers and customers and seeing the exceptional arrangements made by the cross-fertilization of thoughts.

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