One way to make a room in your home truly your own and reflect your unique sense of personal style is to decorate it with a bold pattern. This can be done in many ways from painting a single feature wall to painting all of its walls to adding a flashy rug or decorative pillows to investing in a piece of wall art. And one of the boldest patterns of all is none other than animal print!

So are you brave enough to use animal print in your own home? If you are, then the ideas below are for you. They show you seven of the best ways to use animal print for great home design.

1. Zebra Print Wall Mural

Not quite sure if animal print painted walls or decals are right for you? Then why not skip painting, at least at first, and try out a wall mural or animal print wallpaper like the zebra print above. This animal print design idea would be great for your child's bedroom and one can even extend it to be a safari or zoology theme. If that's the case you may also want to find some animal print bedding.

2. Zebra Print Ceiling

This room’s zebra print ceiling and bright blue walls sure are bold. If you desire an equally bold look for your room, try a similar idea. Animal print wallpaper goes surprisingly well with bright colors like blue, green, pink, red, yellow, and orange. Be sure to read this article on painting a ceiling before you get started.

3. Rustic Cow Print Accents

The dairy cow printed accents add a completely unique touch to an already unique room. The round wooden table, the sturdy chairs, the rough wood furniture, and the far wooden wall create a rustic yet streamlined look that is surprisingly classy. This animal print design idea is perfect for a rustic cabin or retreat.

4. Leopard Print Rug

Here is another cool idea for animal print lovers. Why not add a rug with your favorite animal print (in this case leopard) to your room. It is an easy and less bold way to add a little flavor and spice to your home.

5. Zebra Wall Art and Matching Stool

If you’re such a big fan of animal prints, why not get a piece of wall décor that includes the entire animal? This zebra wall art is surprisingly classy and would look good in just about any room in the house. The matching zebra print stool adds a nice accent.

6. Faux Zebra Skin Rug

Faux animal skin rugs like this zebra print one are all the rage right now. Why? Because they can add a cool and unique look to just about any room. This one looks like something right out of the jungle and will make your room feel a lot cozier.

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