When we think of design ideas for a bathroom remodel, we think of tiles, sinks and tubs. No doubt those are essential aspects and are very important things to remember before doing a bathroom remodel, but there are details that are just as important but perhaps not as visible and obvious as the color of the tiles! They do, however, have enormous impact on how easy it is to use a new bathroom and how easy it is to keep it clean. In the long run, these details may even become more important to you. These 5 design ideas could be the missing link to having your dream bathroom.

1. Quartz Vanity Tops

Marble and natural stones look beautiful and impress your guests, but the truth is most contractors will try to talk you out of using them. They stain easily; do not react well to heat from curling irons and can scratch and dent if you drop a heavy item on them. They will give you far more stress in the long run. The better alternative is quartz countertops. They are practically indestructible and clean easily with just a damp cloth! Granite is another sensible choice for a bathroom vanity top. In general, tiles should be avoided on vanities; the grout lines are a major headache to keep clean on a regular basis.

2. European Shower Doors and Frameless Shower Enclosures

The old style shower doors with frames are just not cool anymore. The European shower doors you have seen in Paris hotels are now the rage. This swing door, frameless style which only blocks the area closest to the shower creates a more spacious and luxurious look and feel in your bathroom. It simply disappears into the design of the bathroom and allows the tiles and the shower hardware to shine through! A similar frameless shower enclosure can be customized around your shower stall. The best part is they are way more sanitary than shower curtains, especially if you use a squeegee after each use. Also, you won’t have to scrub any rails like you did with framed shower doors!

3. Heated Floors

Remodeling a bathroom is not just about the flash of chrome faucets and the beauty of the tiles you choose. One of the best ways to enjoy your bathroom in the long run is to install electric under floor heating mats. Budget a few hundred dollars for the material and not much more for the labor of installing it and you will never regret the expense. Your life will be so much more pleasant every morning when you step onto the warm floor of your new bathroom. And, you can control its temperature, too!

4. Large Tiles

There are so many bathroom tile ideas out there in this modern age!Larger tiles are very fashionable these days. Whether you choose 12” x 24” rectangular tiles or 24” x 24” square tiles, you will end up with less grout than smaller mini and micro size tiles and ceramics. And, less grout means less mildew and soap scum collected in seams and less scrubbing involved. All in all, it makes for a much cleaner and hygienic bathroom and shower stall. Also, the glossier the tile, the less resistant it is to soap scum and dirt. Generally, matte tiles are good and safe for floors and glossy tiles are best for walls.

5. Single Handle Faucets

The minimal look is very popular in bathroom design these days. Words like spa and Zen are used frequently by designers when describing the style. Certainly, a sleeker and cleaner look in a bathroom is conducive to relaxation and does not get outmoded as easily as an ornate one. If you are not living in a Victorian home and you can afford to be a bit more contemporary in your style, do consider single handle faucets and showers. After all, it is always easier to arrive at the desired water temperature turning only one handle! These faucets tend to be easier to keep clean as they are only attached to the vanity top at their bases. Single faucet doesn't have to mean single sink! It's important to know when to do a double sink.

When you do decide to remodel your bathroom, take a little time and think about the things that annoy you about the bathrooms you already have and try to address those annoyances in your new design. After all, every day life can be made a lot easier and more pleasant with small changes.