Houston, Texas is a bustling, economically high-performing city, and the fourth most populated city in the United States. All that and a very forward thinking group of the best architects and best contractors in Houston leads to one of the most diverse collection of homes in the nation. Here are 5 of our favorites!

1. Sugarland Canal Residence by Collective Design Group-Architects & Interiors

This very contemporary home from Collective Design Group-Architects & Interiors overlooks one of Sugarland's charming canals. The residence includes its own water feature in the form of an infinity pool as well as a very dramatic balcony. Homes with beautiful views like this would do well to take note of this balcony, it takes full advantage of the expansive real estate.

2. Seven Oaks Modern by JAUREGUI Architecture Interiors Construction

JAUREGUI Architecture Interiors Construction are the masters of building homes that suit their environment in Houston. This modern home doesn't forget where it is by taking stylistic queues from a hacienda style Mexican home and the color palette of a desert adobe home. Custom widows and a spectacular pool make this home a standout in Houston. Do swimming pools add value to your home? Who cares, look at that color!

3. Bayou Residence by CONTENT Architecture

Renovated and iterated upon by CONTENT Architecture the Bayou Residence should be a landmark of Houston architecture. Originally created by Frank Welch in 2008 the home is in the forefront of home design. Based on this exterior image and its eclectic design you'd be hard pressed to figure out where this off-the-grid home is located exactly. 

4. Bunker Hill Residence by 2Scale Architects

In a neighborhood known for its traditional style homes, 2Scale Architects took the opportunity to really make a statement with the Bunker Hill Residence. Meant to evoke the contemporary style of Mexican Architecture this home seamlessly layers textures with clean minimalist landscaping. A great lot of attention was paid to making this home modern without forgetting the roots of its residents (Mexico). Recessed windows subtly evoke the traditional architecture of a Mexican adobe home. The Bunker Hill Residence could easily fit in with some of our favorite luxury homes in San Diego as well.

5. Southern Living Showcase Home by Stone Acorn Builders

Our last home is an ode to building mastery. Stone Acorn Builders- a brother sister duo- have been building custom traditional homes since 1999. Nothing flashy, just gorgeous attention to detail and quality, something many Texans value most when building a custom home for their family. Their homes have been featured in Southern Living Magazine and we'll be sure to many more of their beautiful homes line the streets of Houston in the years to come.