What do you think of first when you think of Miami? Beaches? Palm trees? You probably don't think of the architecture... but there's no reason to discount Miami! There are plenty of beautiful homes being designed by the best architects in Miami and being built by the best contractors. Let us introduce you to a few:

1. Pine Island House by Nelson de Leon / Locus Architecture

Nelson de Leon of Locus Architecture took the time to create a bright livable home for his clients. Multiple balconies, plenty of windows, a pool, a large outdoor space complete with palm trees makes this an archetypal Miami home. This is one of those beautiful home gardens that make Miami so great. The dewy climate is great for creating lush landscapes like this!

2. Family Residence by Alvarez-Diaz & Villalon

The cabana might seem like just a small part of this home. So why should we focus on it? Alvarez-Diaz & Villalon Architecture know very well that if you do a cabana the right way in a place like Miami, it isn't just part of the home, it is the home! Complete with a TV and overhead fan, can you not just picture yourself spending hot Miami days swimming and chilling in that luxurious outdoor space? We sure can. The home itself is no scrub either. Large windows and cool minimalist architecture make this a perfect Miami home. There may be some things you want to consider before building an in-ground pool like that but we think it's worth it!

3. Contemporary on the Water by Weber Design Group

This home from Weber Design Group leaves us speechless. They managed to blend some traditional arts & crafts style home design with hacienda style traditional roof tiles and some mediterranean features without creating a mess. We love how cozy and inviting the outdoor spaces seem.

4. 21st Avenue by Kukk Architecture & Design

This palatial home from Kukk Architecture & Design convincingly takes you away to a Polynesian or South Asian. Surround by lush palms and greenery you feel like your ensconced in a rainforest. Oversized vases, a thatched roof bar and lily pads all contribute to this theme. For anyone looking to build or replace a deck or porch should strongly considering doing something like this. This home brilliantly takes advantage of the weather and privacy by building out and finishing every corner of the property.

5. 96 Golden Beach by SDH Studio

Right on one of Miami's many waterfront properties, why would you ever want to leave this backyard paradise? This gorgeous minimalist design could just as easily fit in with some of San Diego's modern beautiful homes as it does on the Miami waterfront. The attention to detail from SDH Studio is impeccable here. The zen tree decorating the eating area even mimics its bigger brother to the side. Unlike some of the other resort style homes we've looked at so far this residence doesn't open up as much to the outdoors. Instead SDH Studio has let in as much light as possible and brought in tall plants to tie everything together.