Los Angeles, California is known for it's great weather and infamous SoCal culture but nestled away in LA's many suburbs are some of the most beautiful luxury homes in the country. There are almost too many great architects and contractors in Los Angeles to count but lets highlight the work of a few and see what you think.

1. Via Verde Residence by HartmanBaldwin Design/Build

Of course the first home we highlight in LA has three garage doors... It's just the reality of the urban-sprawl they live in. Garages are an architectural necessity and one that no architect enjoys designing. Only HartmanBaldwin Design/Build could pull it off in such a way that we barely notice them! A gorgeous curved wall protrudes and over the recessed car ports so the first thing you see is the dramatic form of the house instead of the garages. If you're planning to remodel your garage you may want to take some notes!

2. Palisades Residence by Abramson Teiger Architects

Abramson Teiger Architects created an outdoor oasis that becomes the center piece of this home. Can't you picture lavish dinner parties or maybe even a wedding taking place in this backyard? If you want an outdoor space like this then it may be time for you to call a landscaper. Large windows cover the majority of the back of this home in order to draw more attention to this large private area. We also love the way the kitchen opens up to the elevated outdoor dining area which feels like a separate room unto itself. We're ready to move in!

3. VG Residence by Eric Rosen Architects

Our favorite part of this home from Eric Rosen Architects isn't even visible in the picture above. A rare sight in Los Angeles this home has a usable rooftop! We'll talk more about that in a second but first let's start with the ground floor. A grassy courtyard can be accessed by countless glass doors. This means lots of light and air flow during those hot LA summers. The stain of the door frames and pergolas contrast the clean white paint giving the home a fresh and bright appearance. The pergolas also create a cool pattern/visual against the stone grid path and the many doors

Now for the best part! The livable rooftop! A rare sight in LA we love how Eric Rosen Architects utilized this prime vantage point. Anyone who's lived in New York would appreciate the feeling of being on a rooftop... There's something about it that's so much more satisfying than any balcony or porch can provide. We'd be spending all our time up there!

4. Trousdale House by Paul Brant Williger Architects

The iconic 1960's mid-century 'modern' home tastefully revived by Paul Brant Williger Architects is one of our favorites because it does all the things a California home should. A great pool, a lush lawn and tons of windows! Single level homes make the most sense for California living because we all know heat rises and the second or third floor is going to be hell in the summer. We love the completely renovated kitchen which opens wide up to the outdoor space.

5. Lane Residence by Magdalena & MGS Architecture

We love homes that make an effort to blend into their environment. While this home has quite a pronounced façade, Magdalena & MGS Architects did a masterful job of designing a house that looks like it's part of it's natural surroundings. Modern geometric lines and lush greenery that grows right out of the house all work towards this goal. The very creative openings make you ask questions about home design and challenge the norm. The Lane Residence stands out as one of the more creative homes in this list!

6. Riggs Place Residence by Soler Architecture

Now this is a luxury home! Soler Architecture took every step to ensure this home utilized the great LA weather. Blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor space by creating semi-covered and semi-enclosed rooms in one wing of this L-shaped home and a wide open living room in the other wing. We love the little den in the corner— what a creative use of the space under that balcony! That brings us to the balcony. Gorgeous narrow slats create privacy and shade without swallowing up the space in darkness.

7. Sunset Strip by McLean Design

We've saved arguably the best for last. McLean Design has created arguably one of the best outdoor spaces we've seen in LA. The long gorgeous fire pit graces the feet of all the visitors you can fit on those comfy outdoor couches. Right behind it sits the pool which almost disappears from sight at times. The pool is narrow but brilliantly runs the width of the home reflecting it's own light back from some angles and reflecting the sunsets from other angles. No expense was spared in the home either. Floor-to-ceiling windows let in lots of light and the massive openings let in the warm California air. We'd move in tomorrow if the owners weren't enjoying it so much already!