San Diego's booming economy and vibrant culture has made it a hot bed for residential development. The best contractors in San Diego are pairing up with some of the best architects to erect some very amazing homes that we'd like to highlight in this list. Enjoy!

1. Sage Brush Residence by HGW Architects

This home was built by HGW Architects with a focus on the outdoor area. Large openings to the outdoor space drive guests to the beautiful yard and brighten up the living space with lots of that California sun! All that's missing here in our minds is an outdoor fire pit!

2. The Prospect by Jonathan Segal Architect

This extremely modern residence from Jonathan Segal boasts many large windows to show off its expansive views and a reflecting pool surrounding the living room to bring in organic light from the outside. Guess what. This home is primarily made of stucco! Who knew stucco could look so good! The best part is its a cool material for those hot San Diego summers. Learn more about stucco siding.

3. Alameda Residence by Christian Rice Architects

Yet another San Diego home that takes full advantage of its surroundings with large openings to the beautiful courtyard. This is one of our absolute favorite outdoor spaces on Christian Rice Architects managed to seamlessly modernize a traditional A-Frame barn style home perfectly.

4. E Street Modern Residence by DZN Partners

DZN Partners combined raw materials like concrete, steel, wood and glass to create a beautifully modern home. This home's very non-traditional form makes it sure to stand out amongst the traditional homes that line the streets of San Diego.

5. Zen in Tuscany by Master Work Definitive

This beautiful home from Master Work Definitive in San Diego couples the classic Italian design of a villa and a modern American home. Homes with stunning views like this should always take full advantage of their outdoor space and Master Work has done that masterfully. This home would easily work on the Miami beachfront and fit right in with the most beautiful homes in Miami.