Which city would you think has the longest coastline on the whole west coast? Santa Barbara, California! That means there are far more opportunities to have a home with a beautiful view than than your average coastal city. Spanish Colonial and Mission Revival style homes are sprinkled all around this beautiful city and the Spanish Colonial influence can be seen in many of the modern homes much like some of the beautiful luxury homes in San Diego. Below are some of our favorite homes done by some of the best architects and contractors in Santa Barbara.

1. Coastal Beach Residence by Neumann Mendro Andrulaitis Architects

Neumann Mendro Andrulaitis Architects exemplified what it means to incorporate local style in the design of a modern home. Clear Mission Revival influence is seen in everything from the recessed wood frame windows to the beautifully simple landscaping. We love the variety of usable outdoor space especially the shaded area with built in outdoor sectional sofa.

The variety doesn't end there though... Aside from the pool area there's also a beautiful quiet space to the side of the home. The owners can seek out the shade and the cool company of grass and greenery.

2. Toro Canyon Residence by Shubin + Donaldson Architects

Now imagine the Coastal Beach Residence stripped down and cast in concrete. You'll be left with something that resembles this modern beauty from Shubin + Donaldson Architects. All the concrete makes this house as cool as a cucumber for that hot California sun but the design takes care not to become too soulless. Shubin + Donaldson visually warm the home with natural stain mahogany window frames and doors as well as a beautiful eucalyptus panelled ceiling which serves to lengthen the space and loom your vision towards the expansive view.

 We love the seamless transition from the living room to the patio and pool area. Concrete patios are easy to maintain and practical for a modern home like this.

3. Butterfly Lane Residence by Thompson Naylor Architects

Thompson Naylor Architects were tasked with remodeling and creating an addition to an existing home, which is often more difficult from a design standpoint than designing a home from the ground up. The result of their efforts is a very unique home that has beautiful Spanish Colonial features while maintaining a very modern form. We love the way the wood finish and off white stone makes the home look perfectly aged and antiqued.

Rustic and cozy decorating perfectly suits the Mission Revival architecture without being to obvious or tacky. This home may not be the most extravagant but it's certainly the one we can most see ourselves living in... and isn't that what it's all about?

4. Mesa House by Ferguson Ettinger Architects

Minimalism isn't something people always go for in California. Luxury homes in Los Angeles are typically quite garish and showy. We love that Ferguson Ettinger Architects endeavored to design a home that is both simple and beautiful. A blank canvas only accentuates the frame, so a home that's largely composed of glass and cement does a wonderful job of bringing attention to its surroundings by reflecting and contrasting them.

5. Modern Residence by The Warner Group Architects

How many amazing modern homes does Santa Barbara have to offer? The Warner Group Architects took to heart the challenge of creating a home that really reflected the style of its owners. Modern art, sculptures and objets fill the home but the real attraction is the home's unique window structure and placement.

All the principle windows can completely retract creating these framed visuals of the outdoor surroundings. The dining room table sits right in the center of our favorite view of the landscape and from certain angles this opening looks like a massive painting or mural. What a great concept!