Mirrors are critical to the decor of any space but they become so much when they're incorporated into the decor of a small apartment or loft space. Mirrors have the power to light up a dank space or make a tight bedroom feel expansive. If you're living in an industrial style space, or that's the look you'd like to go for, then scroll down and have a look at some of our mirror options for an industrial apartment.

1. Palazzo Antique Glass Round Mirror from Restoration Hardware

There's no mistaking the industrial feel of this mirror. Large rivets and a tarnished black border will make it fit right in against a brick wall. It comes in a variety of sizes to fill those high ceiling loft spaces. Depending on size this mirror can be bought from Restoration Hardware for $559-959. As seen in the picture this mirror can work really well above an industrial style desk or in an entrance way.

2. Salvaged Oak Distillery Gear Mirror from Restoration Hardware

This salvaged oak mirror might be a bit on the nose for some but we love it. Restoration hardware salvaged these pieces from a distillery in Tennessee and the mirror was made using an antique foundry mold. The gear even features its original manufacturer's model number. This mirror is on sale from Restoration Hardware for $555.

3. Palazzo Antiqued Glass Octagonal Mirror from Restoration Hardware

Hand finished and beveled this mirror doesn't have to go in a bathroom as it's seen above. Restoration Hardware painstakingly crafted this mirror to fit with any space but we think it would serve it's purpose best in an industrial style apartment. This large mirror can be bought from Restoration Hardware for $719. Place a great industrial style chandelier across from this mirror to really play up the theme.

4. 18th Century Venetian Antiqued Glass Mirror from Restoration Hardware

This piece from Restoration Hardware is an instant classic. Simple tarnished glass that would best suit an industrial loft but can grow with you when you move into a luxury apartment or rustic retreat. Depending on the size this mirror can be purchased from Restoration Hardware for $479-679.

5. Bistro Antiqued Brass Round Mirror from Restoration Hardware

This mirror from Restoration Hardware is great for the person who wants an industrial feel in their apartment but doesn't want it to feel too cold and serious. This heavily tarnished glass and brass mirror is seen in the picture above paired with warm woods and beiges but it will go with just about any color palette. This mirror comes in one size only from Restoration Hardware for $625.

6. Palazzo Antiqued Glass Mirror from Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware created this mirror in a vast size range to fit a wide variety of spaces. Another classic this mirror will fit with practically any aesthetic but it is particularly suited to the industrial look. The price ranges from $519-959 at Restoration Hardware depending on size you choose.

7. Notched Floor Mirror from West Elm

This simple and classic design emulates factory windows and therefore fit perfectly with the industrial loft look. It can be picked up for a reasonable price of $399 from West Elm.

8. Antique Tile Floor Mirror from West Elm

For the same price of $399 from West Elm this mirror suits a wide variety of decors but works quite nicely against brick or concrete walls. It is definitely well suited to the industrial apartment look.

9. Federico Wall Mirror from Crate&Barrel

A more modern choice for the industrial apartment that wants to keep up with contemporary designs. This mirror from Crate & Barrel can be hung horizontally to make good use of the space between the mirror and the frame! It can be purchased for a very reasonable $199 from Crate & Barrel.

10. Jaxon Wall Mirror from Crate & Barrel

A Brass frame lined with nail heads. It doesn't get more industrial than that! As seen in the image above this mirror from Crate & Barrel really pops against white washed bricks. It can be nabbed online for $299 from Crate & Barrel.

11. Dubois Wall Mirrors from Crate & Barrel

These mirrors can mean serious savings if bought in a set. When buying two they can be picked up for $179 from Crate & Barrel vs $99 if purchased individually. The bigger brother of these mirrors can also be bought for only $199.

12. Brinkley Mirror from Pottery Barn

The Brinkley Mirror from Pottery Barn breaks the mold. A classic design that fits with just about any decor but has a distinct industrial feel. This mirror is perfectly paired with a plant in the image above almost simulating the aesthetic of a garden atrium. Depending on size the Brinkley can be purchased for $299-499 from Pottery Barn.

13. Carleton Mirror from Pottery Barn

No... Not Carlton Banks. Unlike Carlton Banks this mirror is nothing but rugged. It hangs from the wall from iron hooks and will perfectly amp up the industrial look of your space. This very unique piece can be picked up from Pottery Barn for $399.

14. Eagan MultiPanel Round Mirror from Pottery Barn

With the right kind of lighting you might be able to fool someone into thinking you live at the top of a clock-tower with this industrial style mirror from Pottery Barn. The Eagan style multipaneled mirrors come in a number of different shapes and sizes but this is our favorite. It can be purchased for $599 from Pottery Barn.

15. Mirror Cabinet Media Solution from Pottery Barn

Something a little different from the pack, the Mirror Cabinet Media Solution is an interesting idea for the industrial apartment with a television you're looking to conceal. The small size fits most 50" televisions while the large can fit up to 60". They cost either $449 or $649 from Pottery Barn depending on size. We love this unique offering from Pottery Barn!