Moving is tough enough as it is. There is no reason to make it any more difficult by hiring a subpar company to help you. A great moving service will make the entire process that much easier and less time consuming. Below are five of the best moving services in the United States along with a few of the top tips on avoiding (unfortunately all too prevalent) moving scams.

1. All Services Movers

Though it isn’t the biggest moving service in the United States, All Services Movers operates across California, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, Colorado, Missouri, Florida, Maryland, and Oregon. They are known for their small business feel despite the wide range of states that they cover. The company is affordable, reliable, and efficient. They specialize in long distance moves and can even ship automobiles.

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2. Roadway Moving

Roadway Moving is one of the best moving services in the northeastern region of the United States. They operate across New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and Maryland. In an industry that is all too often flooded with companies only looking to make a quick buck, Roadway Moving puts the customer first. It is one of the most comfortable services to work with. You know they are going to get your possessions from point A to point B safe and sound and without a hitch.

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3. Relocation Solution

A full-service moving company, Relocation Solution provides local, long distance, and commercial moving services in New Jersey, Connecticut, New York, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Maryland, Ohio, South Carolina, Georgia, New Hampshire, Florida, Virginia, and Oregon. They are known for their efficient and honest crew and how easy their services are to use.

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4. Xtreme Movers

A company known for its honesty, experience, and promptness, Xtreme Movers is a great company to use for those moving from/to New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, West Virginia, Florida, Alabama, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, Vermont, Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia, Connecticut, Virginia, North Carolina, Mississippi, Delaware, Texas, Ohio, Washington DC, and California.

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5. Infinity Moving

Infinity Moving is one of the highest ranked moving services by customers. They are constantly praised for their honesty and ease of communication. They are one of those rare companies that give accurate quotes all of the time. Infinity Moving offers a wide range of moving and relocation services in states such as California, New Mexico, New Hampshire, Vermont, Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida, Delaware, and New York.

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Avoid Moving Scams

Hiring the best moving service for you starts with avoiding scams. As in any industry, there are a number of moving companies that try to con you into spending more money than they originally quoted. The best way to avoid these scam companies is to select a reliable and reputable service. You can do this by using one of the top five moving services above, getting recommendations from friends and family, and checking out the company with American Moving & Storage Association.