Considering solar roof panels for your home in Seattle? You might be thinking to yourself is it worth it?  Well the short answer is yes! But the long answer is, if you're living in a shaded area or don't have a lot of renovation money to throw around then it might not be... All the more reason to consult the best solar energy contractors in Seattle. The top providers will look at the limitations of your property and identify if it is a cost efficient solution for you and your family. They will also look at your particular needs and identify which system is best suited to you. You could be a good candidate for a Photovoltaic System which converts solar energy directly to electricity for your household use and sells any excess energy you're not using back to Seattle City light for you (literally rolls your power meter back!). The other option is a solar hot water system which preheats your water saving you money on natural gas and electric bills. Once they've determined which you are a candidate for then they'll get to work on designing a roof or wall system that optimizes light capturing and isn't an eyesore! Let's get acquainted with the top solar energy contractors in Seattle, Washington:

1. SolTerra Systems

SolTerra Systems' President and Founder Brian Heather has been a shining star for solar energy not just in Seattle but across the country since 2008. Certified to supply solar panels from some of the best manufacturers in the world you can be guaranteed you'll be getting the best product from one of the best contractors. Their specialists will help you choose from a wide variety of options and can even walk you through some other green home concepts like living walls or green roofs. Serving the Seattle and Portland areas you can easily request a quote from their website and have an enthusiastic specialist at your door the same week. 

Pictured below: Solterra Systems Solar Panel Installation in Carnation, WA

2. Northwest Electric & Solar

This relatively young solar panel installation company was established in 2011 but already has an extensive portfolio of finished work and happy customers. Northwest Electric & Solar is one of the first in the Seattle area to provide streamlined installation of the Tesla Powerwall in conjunction with their top notch solar panel roofing systems. Check out their website and submit a form for a free estimate, it's always a good idea to compare a few different contractors particularly on a job as niche as this. Derek White the founder and president has had immense experience in the Seattle Electric scene working for Seattle City Light and earning an Angie's List Super Service award in 2012. You can trust that your solar job will be in very trustworthy and reliable hands when consulting Northwest Electric & Solar.

3. A&R Solar

This grass roots operation is employee owned and was one of the first contractors dedicated to solar panel installation in the Seattle Area. Founded in 2007 Andy Yatteau and Reeves Clippard set out to "take their energy futures into their own hands" by changing the way people get electricity in Seattle. They've accomplished that while maintaining a small but effective operation that is more than ready to take on any task thrown at them. A&R Solar definitely possesses one of the clearest messages of any of the solar installation companies we've come across and that is to work towards total sustainability for both the planet and your home! Check out their site for an easy quote request and to learn about some of the "Solar Open Houses" they host in the Seattle area which give you a chance to check out their work and see the benefits of solar power first hand!

4. Puget Sound Solar

Jeremy Smithson founded Puget Sound Solar in 2001 and has been pivotal to the evolution and proliferation of solar panels in the Greater Seattle Area. With 30 years of experience in construction and contracting Jeremy set out on a mission to turn people on to the sustainable alternative of solar energy very early in the game. He is still dedicated to driving the technology forward and exploring how to improve it's efficiency. To hire Puget Sound Solar is not only a great choice for your home but also for the city, as you will be supporting one of it's most valued sustainability pioneers. PSS also has a few unique benefits built into it's service, the coolest perhaps, is the ability to monitor your system from an online account and ensure it's working efficiently. If you're still lacking confidence in this well established company be assured by the fact that 43% of solar powered homes in the Seattle Area were done by Puget Sound Solar.

5. Sunergy Systems

Since 2005 Sunergy Systems has been providing competitively priced Solar Energy Installation to the Greater Seattle Area. They're portfolio includes some major projects like The Washington State School for the Blind and Tacoma Community College. In 2014, 11% of the solar installations in Washington were done by this reputable company. Sunergy's pros are thorough and take the time to ensure your system is optimal. You can expect that after a consultation and inspection you will be presented with some different pricing/size options along with what the gross payback will be (how long it will take you to earn your money back in savings). Sunergy Systems is committed to making Solar Panels accessible to everyone!