For both, buying or selling a home, there are many things one must do to get through the entire process. Hiring an appraiser is one of the most important and critical things to accomplish, as you need to know the market value of the home no matter the side you're on - buyer or seller!

For the Buyer - Why the Appraiser is So Important

Here are some reasons why buyers must consider a real estate appraiser:

  • If you think the home is overpriced, you can use the appraiser's report for negotiating purposes.
  • You may get a better interest rate on your mortgage, depending upon their report.
  • You will not spend too much on a home and pay more than its actual value, a must in the real estate market.

For the Seller - Why the Appraiser is So Important

  • An appraiser will keep you from offering your home for far too much, so that you don't waste time with it being on the market without any offers.
  • You may be surprised when you find out the actual market value of your home.

It shouldn't be difficult to hire a real estate appraiser, but the task is a necessary one. One common mistake made by many is thinking that a real estate appraisal and a real estate inspection are the same thing; they are not. Both inspectors and appraisers look at the same things but are looking for different reasons. A real estate appraisal assesses the market value of a home, meaning what it can and should be sold for given its current condition and other homes in the neighborhood. An inspection will decide if that home is worth the price.

What Makes a Home worth its Market Value?

  • If there are no repairs or upgrades needed to the major systems of the home (plumbing, wiring, etc.) and its structure.
  • The surrounding neighborhood reflects the home's market value, meaning it is flourishing rather than degrading.
  • If the asking price is in the same range as the market value of the home.

What Makes a Home Worth More Than its Market Value

  • The home has been upgraded more than average homes in the neighborhood.
  • If other homes in the neighborhood are actually selling for a higher price than average prices in the neighborhood.
  • If the neighborhood expects to see an upturn in new industries or jobs.

What Makes a Home Worth Less Than its Market Value

  • If there are few jobs or industries in the neighborhood to support employment.
  • If the homes in the neighborhood are being sold for less than their own market value.
  • If the home is the largest, most upgraded home in the neighborhood or far surpasses them in other ways.