A mirror can completely change the feel of a room. Bring in light where there wasn't any, create visual space where it was lacking and fill an empty space on your wall that you were looking to fill. Having said that, mirrors can be very expensive so we've compiled this list of some of our favorite cheap mirrors for under $100.

1. Strip Mirrors from Umbra Design

This mirror set is only $40 from Umbra and fits with just about any style of decor. Arrange them however you like and get the same effect as a large wall mirror without all the weight and heavy duty wall anchoring. Plus Umbra ships for free for orders over $35.

2. Burnt Oak and White Mirror from Overstock

This offering from Overstock is chic and modern. It is best suited to a living room or entry way where it can be properly displayed. You can order it from Overstock.com for $90.

3. Stockholm Mirror from Ikea

The Stockholm mirror is a very chic and modern choice considering its low price point of $99.99 from Ikea. Suitable for most decors except maybe country or shabby-chic you can easily fit this piece into your space.

4. Shield Wall Mirror from Umbra Design

Great for the elegant home with clean lines and a few modern touches. With a finely beveled edge this mirror can blend in or pop out depending where you put it. Finding a mirror of this quality cheaply can be quite a challenge, which is why we're grateful it can be ordered for just $100 from Umbra.

5. Bronze Metal Rectangular Wall Mirror from Overstock

Make your space a little more rustic with metal framed wall mirror which hangs from a rope. It can be ordered from Overstock.com for $85 and it will be sure to bring some charm to your home.

6. Cumulus Mirror from Umbra Design

This adorable grouping of mirrors comes at a fair price of $60 from Umbra with free shipping and mounting hardware included. Most decors will benefit from the addition of this mirror but if you're going for a more rugged or serious look you may want to try one of these industrial style mirrors.

7. Brushed Nickel Mirror from Costco

The forgotten source of just about everything you need for a home, Costco. This brushed nickel mirror gets the job done and for a very reasonable price of $99.99 from Costco.

8. Frameless Octagon Beveled Mirror from Overstock.com

A great shape and chic bevel makes this mirror perfect for a bathroom. Having said that this mirror will work just about everywhere. You can order it from Overstock.com for $87.