Everyone has a different home aesthetic they strive for. As for me, I prefer rooms that are small, warm, and comfortable. In other words, I am often drawn to homes that are cozy.

Sure, I love how beautiful homes that are large, grand, and elegant look. But would I want to live in one? Not me. What I’m saying is that I prefer small houses that look lived in and welcoming. Homes that you can curl up in front of the fireplace to read a great book or invite friends over for laughter and cocktails. And when done right, cozy homes like these can also be beautiful.

Below are five ways to create the coziest home ever. If you crave a warm and homey atmosphere like I do, then these ideas will definitely appeal to you!

1. Comfortable Furniture is the Hallmark of a Cozy Home

Shopping for new furniture? Then opt for that which is comfortable to sit on rather than just lovely to look at. Of course, if you take your time, you’ll be able to find furniture that strikes a perfect balance between the two. Simply put, opt for furniture that you can curl up on to relax.

2. Warmer Colors Make a Room Feel Cozy

Home decoration is a serious art. One of the top ways that experts recommend to create a cozy atmosphere is to use warm colors for decorating. Cool colors make a room feel large and airy while warm colors make the same room feel small and cozy.

3. Warm Lighting Can Change the Mood of Any Room

Lighting is one of the biggest factors in setting the mood in your home or cozy cabin. Think about it this way: many of the world’s most well-known photographs are so cherished not because what is in the picture but because of how the picture is lit. Simply put, lighting is a heck of a lot more important than most people first think. And a cozy home requires welcoming lighting. Table lamps are always a great bet. As are smaller lamps with “warm” bulbs instead of “cool” ones. 

4. Mix and Match Styles and Furniture

A cozy home doesn’t generally look like one from a furniture showroom. In fact, if you buy all your furniture and furnishings from the same store, your home is going to look like, well, a furniture store. So mix together pieces from different stores and with different styles. I even like to find the bulk of my furniture from second-hand and antique stores. Think more about what “goes together” than what “matches.”

5. Fill Your Home With the Stuff You Love

We’re not saying you have to fill your home with clutter here. Instead, a cozy home is one full of a few select well-loved items. Ideas include your favorite books, family mementos, and sentimental knick-knacks. The more you can make your home feel like your own, the cozier it will end up being. 

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