Do It Yourself Pest Control

No one wants a home filled with unwanted houseguests. Yet common household pests such as rodents, cockroaches, stinkbugs, and spiders are all too good at getting inside of homes. Before you spray chemicals or hire a professional to come in, try out the five easy DIY pest control tricks below to save yourself some money and keep your home pest free.

Tip 1: Clean Up Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the number one place that you are likely to find pests in your home. They are attracted to both the food stored there and the crumbs and tidbits left over from cooking and eating. To keep pests at bay, clean your kitchen daily. All it takes is five minutes to wash your dishes (or put them in the dishwasher), wipe down your counters, and sweep the floors. Empty your garbage as needed and transfer food from grocery bags to sealed containers as quickly as possible.

Tip 2: Vacuum Frequently

Taking the time to vacuum your home on a regular basis is another surefire way to keep pests at bay. Vacuuming sucks up any food residue not caught by sweeping. It also sucks up any crawling insects that have already made it indoors. Take special care to hit the corners and go underneath appliances and furniture. Aim for a weekly vacuuming session.

Tip 3: Set Out Traps

Sometimes pests are able to find their way into even the cleanest and tidiest of homes. A good first line of defense is some sticky traps. Glue traps are your best bet. You can easily find poison-free versions of them at nearly any home improvement store.

Tip 4: Seal Entry Points

Pests are able to infiltrate your home through tiny holes and cracks. A key component of DIY pest control is sealing up these entry points. Spend some time hunting down and identifying these holes. Once you spot them, seal them up with a tube of low-VOC silicone caulk (available at home improvement stores). Take particular care to seal up cracks around window and doors as well as anywhere that pipes enter or leave your home. An added benefit of sealing up these cracks and holes is improved insulation.

Tip 5: Repair Leaky Faucets

Pests such as rodents, roaches, and spiders need water to survive. And this is the reason you often find them infiltrating the areas around leaky faucets. Fixing leaky faucets is actually an easy DIY project. Though it might take you fifteen or twenty minutes to figure out, the pest control dividends will be high.

DIY Pest Control

Keeping pests at bay with do-it-yourself pest control is actually remarkably easy. Remember that prevention is key since keeping pests out is a whole lot easier than getting rid of them when they’ve already made your home their own. Use the five DIY pest control tips above and you should be able to get through another year without a pest problem.