The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in any house. It gets a lot of use, by every member of the family, and plays a huge role in the home’s overall value. Though bathrooms are primarily functional, their design and layout contribute a lot in the way of relaxation and overall comfort. Below are seven of the bathrooms that dreams are made of!

1. Elegant

Open, elegant, with an extra-deep tub front and center – what more could you really ask for from your dream bathroom? How about tall windows for plenty of natural light and a beautiful view of the surrounding forest…

2. Clean

With a clean, minimalist design, this all-white bathroom is the epitome of modern. It features a luxurious bathtub (right alongside great windows), two vanities, and a large shower area.

3. Tiles

A little color, even if its beige, does wonders for a bathroom. This large dream bathroom features the perfect blend of comfort and luxury. The glass shower and double vanity are trendy but also timeless.

4. Luxury

Dream bathrooms don’t get a whole lot better than this one. Double bowl sinks and vanities, a toilet that is an art piece unto itself, and a large, round bathtub round the room out. The streamlined, long layout of the bathroom enhances its luxury appeal.

5. Compact

This deep soaking bathtub might look a little funny but it doesn’t feel funny when you’re in it. No, it feels nothing short of relaxing. Mood lighting and a large glass shower round out this dream bathroom. This is one of those bathrooms you could spend hours in.

6. Modern

Modern bathrooms are more popular than ever before. The blue tile walls and funky shaped tub, toilet, and sink contribute to this one’s contemporary look. A large, floor-to-ceiling window off to the side provides great views alongside a relaxing soak.

7. View

A gorgeous bathroom with a city view? It doesn’t get better than this. Most bathrooms in the city are teensy tiny, but this one has plenty of room. The wraparound windows look down onto the river below while the tile and bowl shaped bath round out the stylish luxury. A large mirror over the vanity ensures you get your hair just right.