If money were not an object, what kind of house would you be living in? This is a question we find ourselves thinking about a lot, when we let our minds drift off. Below are ten of our favorite dream houses to die for, ranging in style from sleek and contemporary to old world rustic.

1. Aloe Ridge House by Metropole Architects

Open yet private and with plenty of light, South Africa’s “Aloe Ridge House” is a dream house to die for if there ever was one. Styled in the contemporary fashion, the house prominently features clean, hard, and straight lines. The outdoors is close at hand (that’s an Albizia tree) and a large pool is a step away from the door in the back.

2. Bacoc Hacienda by Reyes Ríos + Larraín Arquitectos

The history behind the Bacoc Hacienda is as interesting as the house is beautiful. Originally built between 1880 and 1910, it was recently updated/remodeled in 2006. It makes good use of the surrounding rainforests and includes this gorgeous pool. Just imagine taking a morning dip in that!

3. City Beach House by 4d Designs

Clean lines, sharp edges, plenty of glass, a simple design – what more could you ask for from a modernistic dream house? This house is the epitome of minimalist design. The tropical greenery out front is the perfect compliment.

4. Contemporary House by Hybre Architecte

If you are a fan of contemporary architecture, then you’re going to love this house. It’s like something out of a dream with its open yard (including an expansive seating area) and plenty of outdoor light. The clean, straight, simple lines seal the deal.

5. La Croisee by CCD Architects

Large and spacious, yet tasteful, this oak-timbered, stonewalled dream house takes old world rustic elegance up to its full potential. Did you spot the glass conservatory out front?

6. Mar De Luz House by Oscar Gonzales Moix

This highly modern dream house is situated in Peru and is known as the Mar de Luz house. It was designed to blend in with the surrounding natural environment with the interior rooms visually connecting with one another. The house features a prominent view of the bay as well as an interior courtyard.

7. Narigua House by David Pedroza Castaneda

How many of you imagine your dream house in Mexico? A lot, I bet. This house, fondly known as the Narigua House, is situated in the mountains of coastal Mexico and sports a 360-degree view of the surrounding landscape. A blend of modern and traditional Mexican architecture, the luxurious home is designed to blend in with the surrounding forests.

8. Rabbit Brush Residence by Carney Logan Burke Architects 

Peaceful and balanced, this charming wooden dream home features a prominent view of the surrounding natural landscape. It is constructed of a mix of wood, stone, and glass for a rustic and natural look.

9. Riggs Place Residence by Soler Architecture

Though this house is located smack dab in the middle of Los Angeles, it certainly doesn’t look like most city homes. The expansive design maximizes space and efficiency. The floor to ceiling glass windows let plenty of light inside.

10. Thao Dien House by MM++ Architects

Recently renovated, the Thao Dien House screams luxury. Despite its contemporary design, it blends in well with the surrounding landscape (thanks, in large part, to the ivy and shrubbery out front). Simply put, it’s a simple, elegant house in South Vietnam that many people would die for.