As the evenings grow colder, we realize just how valuable it is to have a fireplace in your home. Fireplaces are both extremely utilitarian as well as incredibly beautiful if done right. There is truly nothing more satisfying than curling up to a warm, cozy fire in your favorite blanket and spending the winter months in total bliss. Here are our favorite fireplaces that make this possible.

1. Serene Fireplace

This is an incredibly calm living room, with toned down darker walls and furniture and a lovely serene fireplace to bring everything together. This is the kind of living room that you can settle down in with a nice glass of wine in hand after a long day at the office. This classic arts & crafts style fireplace would also suit your cozy cabin.

2. Black Fireplace

Homeowner Amanda Catskill flips the traditional home fireplace design on its head – one can usually find a fireplace painted white, but Ms. Catskill instead painted her fireplace black and the surrounding walls white to create a beautifully chic room. A general fireplace tip is that the black also serves to add an extra level of cleanliness, as it disguises soot and smoke stains that would otherwise be all too evident on a white finish. This wonderful fireplace provides a very sexy edge to this room!

3. Bathroom Fireplace

Speaking of switching traditional notions of home décor around, this homeowner had the crazy (but great!) idea of putting the fireplace into the bathroom, giving a great twist to what one would normally expect from a bathroom. With the addition of an antique grate in front of the fireplace, the homeowner of this room transforms what would normally be a boring fireplace into a sexy and luxurious bathroom amenity. Does your dream bathroom include a fireplace?

4. Modern Fireplace

Here we have an amazing modern fireplace that really brings a contemporary breath of fresh air into the home. This is a fireplace for the modern ambitious business person – it stands in stark contrast to the pure white walls (and fireplace itself) while its flames tempt the residents to reach for more. If you are going for a more intellectual look, this is the fireplace and living room to look to.

5. Rooftop Fireplace

The roof has always been the most exciting and liberating place in a home to hang out in. Add a fireplace to your rooftop and you will find that your roof becomes one of the most popular stops on the block, perfect for fancy cocktail parties or late night philosophical discussions. The rooftop fireplace pictured here resides in upstate New York, and the lush greenery makes for a very exotic setting.

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