Bathrooms, especially en-suite bathrooms are the measure of a house’s luxury standard. In recent years, en-suites have gotten increasingly larger, accommodating double sinks, large shower stalls and freestanding bathtubs that are beautiful enough to make significant design statements. If you are building a new house, these spa-like bathrooms will increase the value of your home considerably. If you are renovating an old en-suite, it makes sense to splurge and create a haven for yourself and to add to the future re-sale value of your home.

Here are 5 freestanding bathtubs which will make you feel like a rich Roman--only living in the 21st century!

1. .25 Oval Bathtub by Waterworks

This sculptural tub has an organic shape with curves to lure you in and give a modern but sensual look to the bathroom. This 70” x 40” acrylic tub is large enough for bodies of any size and surrounds the bather as in a cocoon! You may wish to get into a fetal position though when you see the price. It comes in matte white for $11,811 and glossy white for $12,654 from Waterworks!

2. Piedmont Pedestal Soaking Tub by Restoration Hardware

This curvaceous tub harks back to Victorian times but has a modernized look with a bit of ornamentation but plenty of use! Its sleek shape is formed out of cast iron and covered in porcelain for that old-world feel. This 440 lb. tub is custom made for you in a variety of metal finishes to suit your décor. You can choose polished chrome, polished or satin nickel for a modern look or polished brass or oil rubbed bronze for a 19th-century feel. It is a bargain at $8385 from Restoration Hardware considering it comes with a tub fill faucet and handheld “telephone” style shower. This tub could be the first to having your dream bathroom.

3. Stargaze by Kohler

This 72” x 36” angular contemporary tub has sloped ends for proper lumbar support and is 17” deep to allow you to soak in its warm acrylic embrace. It comes in white and a creamy ‘biscuit’ color. It is stunning and affordable at the same time, priced at $3,262 from Kohler. We also love the bathroom tiles in that picture!

4. Sedona by American Standard

This geometric clean design lends itself to any setting as it does not dominate the décor. It is a timeless piece. Its glossy cast acrylic form makes it chic and simple—ideal for a modern no-nonsense look. It will give your bathroom a luxurious understated feel without breaking the bank. It is priced at $2599 from American Standard. If you're looking for a chic and clean bathroom design then this is probably the best choice for you.

5. Maax Reverie at Costco USA

This 67” x 37” tub has a modern minimal look with a wide rim giving it a solid feel. This American made bathtub is another acrylic model and has a large 54-gallon capacity for a deep soak and relaxation. It is the most affordable model shown here at $1399 from Costco. You may also want to check out some other creative and inexpensive bathroom ideas.