Architecture, design and construction have all been heavily influenced by the technology industry over the past 15 years. Terms like "smart home device" and "home automation" are becoming more frequently used in the industry. Companies like Apple have played no small role in influencing this. We've selected five of our favorite futuristic homes that would do Steve Jobs proud. Before we start we remember his words which echo through the design world today, and which these amazing contractors and architects did not forget!

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. - Steve Jobs

1. 4 Springs Lane by Robert M. Gurney

This quiet Amissville, Virginia home isn't bustling with the latest in high tech home devices but what it does perfectly is balance form and function. A stunning home from every perspective with a keen focus on what makes sense. Every window was strategically placed by Robert M. Gurney to provide a lens to the expansive view.

The interior was beautifully put together by Baron Gurney Interiors keeping things minimal and tying in similar geometric proportions to the exterior of the home. The home was masterfully constructed with features like geothermal HVAC and a rain-screen cladding system by Opitz Construction Consulting one of the best contractors in the Amissville area.

2. Morris House by Martin Fenlon Architecture

The Morris House is brilliant for one simple reason. It's simple. Simplicity of design is a quality in which Steve Jobs placed the utmost value and famously said "Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple." On a modest budget Martin Fenlon Architecture built the addition for this now beautiful single-family home without ever forgetting to keep it simple. We love the contrast of warm wood and brick with cool concrete. The very minimalist silhouette is interrupted to accommodate the deck where the sun-breaker pergolas brilliantly line up with the widow frames in the same bold black.

The praise doesn't end at the front, we love the back of the Morris House as well. We have the utmost respect for the decision to responsibly landscape this LA home. In an environment where it's dry and water scarcity is a serious concern it only makes sense to design a yard that isn't covered with grass or other thirsty plants. We wish more California residents would call up the landscapers in their area and follow suit.

3. Courtyard House by Studio JCI

Designing for the future doesn't mean forgetting the past. Studio JCI–one of the best architecture firms in Toronto– was tasked with designing a home for a couple that had differing tastes in home design. One wanted a modern home and the other a traditional home. The result is beautiful. Traditional materials like bricks and wood shingles mingling with metal, concrete and modern wood siding. The lot drastically slopes and in order to accommodate a second floor JCI built it as part of the roof construction, a brilliant and elegant solution.

Classic Scandinavian accent chairs compliment the white walls and warm woods in the interior where the design is still very much committed to blending modern and traditional. If you look closely you'll find a nest thermostat, one of our favorite smart home products of 2015.

4. Desert Courtyard House by Wendell Burnette Architects

Now the aesthetics of this home may not be to everyone's taste but you can't deny that it's futuristic or that it's a beautiful design (whether you'd live in it is another story). Wendell Burnette Architects are without a doubt one of the best architecture firms in Arizona and teamed up with The Construction Zone there's not much they can't do. An impressive use of materials that's well suited to the desert climate the home almost blends into the terrain.

The modern and minimalist interior may not be cozy but it sure does accentuate the view! Floor to ceiling windows and minimal lighting never compete with the natural light and the visual space never interrupts the skyline. This kind of attention to the natural setting of a home is what makes this design brilliant. Steve Jobs would be proud.