There are many projects around the house that you can do yourself. Some people enjoy home repairs and redecorating, but sometimes you need to hire a handyman. The job could be too complicated, or maybe you just don't have time. Either way, there a few things to keep in mind when choosing a handyman:

  • Are his rates reasonable ? ask around for the average rate
  • Is he certified or licensed to do the job required ? does he need to be
  • Can you get a hold of him if a problem arises
  • Is he honest enough to admit when a project is more than he can handle
  • Is he reliable and trustworthy

Make sure you understand his capabilities and skill level. Do not hire a general handyman specialized in carpentry if you need electrical wore done. Make sure the project is within his field and he has previous experience. Good sources for finding a general handyman:

  • Referrals from other contractors you have dealt with
  • Referrals from a building supply or hardware store
  • The yellow pages
  • Referrals from others who have hired him

A general handyman can do a variety of jobs, but sometimes you need a professional contractor. Jobs like:

  • When the materials cost over $2000 (roofing, for example)
  • Jobs that require special permits or zoning approval
  • Projects requiring a professional inspection
  • Projects that require advanced knowledge, training or tools beyond the scope of the handyman.
  • Any project too large for one person to handle by himself

Jobs suitable for a general handyman include:

  • Painting your house, inside or out
  • Cleaning out the eaves troughs
  • Fixing a door or window
  • Changing a lock
  • Rubbish removal
  • Installing an automatic garage door opener

A general handyman repairs things and maybe installs flooring or kitchen cupboards. If you need someone to mow the lawn, rake the leaves, trim the hedges or clean the pool, you might want to hire someone in that field, or a neighborhood kid. Hiring a general handyman for such jobs would cost too much and he will probably feel insulted as such jobs are beneath his skill level. Make sure the job he is hired for is fully explained and the cost is agreed upon beforehand. Draw up a contract so there will be no misunderstanding later.