Looking for help on a home project? Then a handyman is probably for you. They are a great resource for homeowners on projects both large and small. But, as these things tend to go, finding great help comes with a price.

Below is a brief look at typical handyman prices.

How Do Handymen Charge?

The best way to figure out how much you will pay for a handyman is to understand how they charge for their time.

Most handymen either charge by the hour or by the job. For those jobs that are straightforward and can be completed in a day or two, most handymen charge by the hour. A small fee for mileage is also generally added. Big jobs that take longer than a day or two are often be quoted in total. The handyman will negotiate the total and the dates of payment with you. Most of the time they want a portion of the money midway through the project and the rest of it upon completion.

Make sure that you get all your quotes written down. These should detail cost, the handyman’s expectations on payment, and the project timeline. Get any guarantees or warranties in writing as well. Never go off a verbal contract. A written one is always needed.

Average Handyman Rate

The average rate for a handyman in North America is $75.00 per hour. You will generally be able to find reputable, reliable handymen charging anywhere from $60.00 to $80.00 an hour. Keep it in mind that experts at particular things – say plumbers –charge slightly more for their time.

Estimating Cost for a Large Project

As mentioned above, most handymen quote large projects in total. This means that it can be difficult for you to get an idea on how much to expect to spend before contacting them. It also gives unscrupulous handymen the ability to charge you more than they should be.

A good bet is to do your research. Find out the basic price for the materials and fixtures needed for your planned project and then double it. This will give you a solid baseline cost for the project.

Keep Costs Down

While everyone wants great quality work done, most homeowners also want to keep costs down. When it comes to hiring a handyman, there are several ways to do this.

The first is cleaning and preparing the area that they will be working in. Moving out furniture and other belongings, sweeping and vacuuming, and organizing the area will knock time of the handyman’s job.

Some other jobs, like carpet replacement, offer built-in ways to save a little dough. For instance, you can tear up and dispose of your old carpet yourself. All the handyman has to do is come in and install the new one. Doing this, in itself, can save you a couple of hundred dollars.

Typical Handyman Prices

It is hard to estimate typical handyman prices. Each will have a different method of charging for their work and every job is different. However, the information above should give you a solid idea of how handymen charge, what their typical rates are, and ways that you can keep these costs down.