Hipster culture has invaded almost every facet of design so you may as well embrace it by trying one of these DIY hipster apartment decorating ideas in your home.

1. The Ladder/Planter

Finding vintage ladders isn't always that easy but keep your eye out on craigslist and you'll be on your way to having this clever planter adorn your hipster habitat. The great thing about this hipster apartment decorating idea is that it will bring some coziness to your decor.

2. Mirror Collage

Search the flea markets, craigslist and vintage shops for all the tarnished mirrors you can find! The great thing about this project is that it's on going. Start with one and end with as many as you like! This is one of those hipster apartment decorating ideas that's great for decorating a small apartment, since the mirrors will open up the room and reflect more light.

3. Mason Jar Organizer

Grab some old jars, a piece of scrap wood and make a trip to the hardware store to pick up some metal pipe clamps (which fasten the jars to the wood). You're halfway there now. All that's left is a little drilling and you've got a very clever hipster apartment decorating idea for your bathroom, bedroom or kitchen.

4. The Pipe Shelf

This one is a little more complicated and is more suited to an experienced DIY'er. Shop online or at the hardware store for pipes and pipe fittings. Depending on how tall you build this shelf you may want to fasten it to the wall (as they did in the picture above). If you feel like building this one from scratch then pull out your woodworking tools and buy one large piece of solid wood. It could save you money in the end.

5. Soup Can Planters

Soup cans normally go in the recycling bin, which is a great place to put them, but next time you finish a can of chicken noodle you may want to consider turning it into one of these planters. Our last hipster apartment decorating idea is probably the easiest. Crush the can with a mallet (maybe get some bent up anger out while you're at it), fill with soil and plant whatever you like. You can also do what they did in the picture above and dip the cans in paint. Personally I like the look of a can that's been painted and then chipped away at. Shabby-chic at its absolute cheapest ;)

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