Moving is not an easy task. After weeks of carefully packing all your belongings, you have to rent a truck, hopefully get some friends to help with the lugging (but don't count on it) and then there are the big items, like couches, beds and dressers. Maybe you even have to take the fridge, stove, washer and dryer. Now you are really looking at some back breaking activity. The whole ordeal is stressful, time consuming and not one bit of fun.

Wouldn't it be so much nicer if someone else did this for you? Someone who enjoys this type of work so much that they actually do it for a living? Hiring a professional moving service is the answer. Whether you are moving across town, across the country, or out of town into the country, professional movers can take of them entire job faster and safer. After all, they do this for a living, they are very experienced. But choosing the right company requires a little research. When you call, ask them:

  • How long have you been in business (this is very important, especially if they are not a nationally known chain)
  • Are you licensed, bonded and insured?
  • What level of service do you offer? (Some companies pack and unpack and place large items into their designated positions, or at least into the correct room)
  • Do you do breakdown and set up? (Tables, beds and maybe some dressers need to be taken apart before the move to make it easier to fit into the truck and save space)
  • Are you a recognized member of the Better Business Bureau or other professional organization?

After finding a suitable moving service it is time to draw up the contract. Every little detail needs to be discussed and written down, so there will be no issues later. The contract should contain a complete list of services. Everything they will and will not do for you. The exact time of pickup and delivery, and the exact cost. You do not want to be hit by a bunch of hidden costs, which is why it is important to get it all in writing. In some cases you might be able to lower the cost, especially if you do the packing yourself.

Remember, these are professionals and they will be able to give you excellent packing tips to keep everything safe and secure. Even if you feel like you have moved a thousand times and you know everything there is to know, these people actually have and really do.