Whether you own a home or a business, you are at the risk of having those possessions you have spent so much money and effort on, being stolen in 10 minutes or less, should the right criminal enter your building. One of the best ways to prevent robbery and vandalism for both your home and office is to install surveillance cameras. As soon as a criminal sees a surveillance camera, they will be sure to shy away from your property and move right along to their next target (hopefully they also have a surveillance camera!).

Installing a surveillance camera or cameras is a very quick process. The more difficult part is actually choosing the type of camera you would like to set up outside of your home or business. There are:

  • Infrared cameras
  • Night vision cameras
  • Motion detecting cameras
  • Timed and high resolution cameras

These are usually so tiny that no one will even know that they are there. This is both a benefit and also a drawback, since usually just the appearance of a camera on the property is enough to deter delinquents from damaging and/or stealing your property.

There are also cameras that can be hidden in different areas, or disguised in outdoor fixtures or plants.

Before you go looking for a camera, be sure to call up a professional security system installer. They will be able to help you further decide which camera is right for your situation and budget. Not everyone needs an infrared camera! Some questions you will want to ask are:

  • How many times can your hidden and secretive camera be adjusted and/or moved before any intruder knows of its whereabouts?
  • Will the specific camera you are interested in be able to view and record the needed angles of where it is being placed? Is the camera adjustable, or will you need to buy multiple cameras for effective protection?
  • Will the camera of interest be able to give a clear image in the dark, or will it appear fuzzy?
  • Does the camera I want to purchase come with the right tools and materials to mount it?

A benefit to having an installer come by and do this his or herself is that he or she will know the answers to these questions, and will be able to set up an effective surveillance system. They will know the angles that each specific covers, they will have the correct tools on hand to mount the cameras, and once you use their service you can call them again later for any help - usually free of charge! Do yourself and your family a favor and have the security surveillance system installed by a real pro to ensure that your home and office are properly protected.