The Hamptons encompass a small group of towns and villages along the southern fork of Long Island. This small group of towns contains some of the most expensive homes in the U.S. but building a home on this stretch of land isn't always easy. Architects are faced with high sea-level concerns, wetlands and many other constraints. We would like to highlight some of the homes that make the most of their hindrances, built and designed by some of the best contractors and architects in The Hamptons:

1. Northwest Harbor by Bates Masi Architects

The Northwest Harbor Residence sits on a challenging piece of "freshwater wetlands" property in East Hampton. Bates Masi Architects one of the premier architects serving The Hamptons area didn't let this challenge prevent them from creating a beautiful and unique home with only one 1,900 square foot storey at their disposal. Sitting eight feet above the ground this home makes brilliant use of what it has. Stairs leading up to the main structure also continue to the rooftop deck. The space underneath the home is utilized as parking and storage to minimize the use of the small footprint of this home. We love homes that inspire you to live smaller.

2. Arc House by Maziar Behrooz

This beautiful industrial home emulates qualities of an airplane hanger because it also happens to sit under a flight path of the local airport. Maziar Behrooz Architects made the most of the reality in which this property was faced by subtly acknowledging the planes instead of ignoring them.

The self-supporting metal canopy roof has a peak height of 16 feet and houses most of the common areas of the household. We absolutely love the profile of this home that seems to jut out of the earth like a bunker.

3. Bluff House by Robert Young

Robert Young was also challenged with a property that sits dangerously close to wetlands but this didn't stop him. The Bluff House criss crosses creating an amazing architectural silhouette that takes full advantage of the property and all it's expansive views.

We love the open concept of the top floor which incorporates a fireplace and amazing stretch of windows. The outdoor space beneath takes advantage of the same chimney to create a beautifully modern outdoor sanctuary. Yet another example of architecture that makes the most of it's surroundings.