When one thinks of remodeling their backyard, the first consideration that usually comes to mind is the addition of a pool, or perhaps a hot tub or a spa. These additions are usually the first and last step in turning your backyard into your very own vacation spot - right on your very property!

You may be surprised just how affordable it is to have a pool, hot tub or spa installed. There are also a number of hot tubs and spas available for you to choose one. You may be a bit of a social butterfly, and so prefer a hot tub that can accommodate a large group of people. Or perhaps you enjoy the idea of a small, intimate hot tub for only a few.

For those on a budget, or who are currently renting the home they are living in, you can still have the luxury of a hot tub to enjoy! You can choose a portable spa or a soft sided hot tub, which you can then keep and carry with you, where ever you may move to next. If you prefer, you can have a deck custom built for your hot tub. As for the portable spa, though they may be lacking SOME of what most consider the best massage features, they still certainly add elegance to any back yard.

If you currently own your home, then you may want to consider a permanent spa and hot tub. You can find these in sizes that accommodate 3 people or those that accommodate as many as 12 lucky visitors. It is certainly worth spending some extra money building an appropriate deck and updating your landscaping, once these are installed. These spas come with fun and relaxing massage features, and also feature a wide range of prices and energy consumption ratings. Be sure to shop around a bit first before settling on a hot tub and spa that you love.

When thinking about choosing a pool for you backyard, it is important to look at the size of your yard and envision how much space you would like the pool to take up. You can then start looking at either purchasing an above-ground pool, or choosing an in-ground pool.

Above ground pools are great for those on a tighter budget, but who still want the luxury of having a pool in their very own back yard. The only caution with these is that they do not last nearly as long as in-ground pools. In-ground pools also offer far more diversity in color, style, and shapes. If you are thinking of adding a hot tub and spa, then you will have the most envied backyard on the block!