If you’ve ever hired a professional house cleaner, then you might have wondered how they were able to clean your home so quickly and thoroughly. Though years of experience and high-quality equipment certainly do help, there is no reason you can’t learn to better clean your house by employing some of the cleaning “tricks” that the professionals use.

Below are ten of the best tips on how to clean your house like a pro.

1. Keep a Toolbox

One of the biggest reasons professionals are able to clean so quickly is because they keep all of their tools in one spot, ready to go. Create a cleaning toolbox of your own filled with cleaning products and equipment. Keep everything you could possibly need in this toolbox including small items like a razor blade for scraping and a toothbrush for fine cleaning.

2. Wear an Apron

Cutting down on cleaning time (and doing a better job) boils down to keeping your equipment close. Wear a half apron while you are cleaning. Make sure to find one with plenty of pockets so you can carry your most important cleaning tools with you. An additional tip is to line the inside of one pocket with a small plastic bag that can be used as a trash bag.

3. Create a Method

Create a cleaning method or pattern and stick to it every time you clean your house. Many professionals work in a circular pattern. They start at one point in a room and then work around the room in a circle. The key is to learn how to clean thoroughly enough to not need to retrace your steps.

4. Top to Bottom/Back to Front

Perhaps the most important house cleaning tip of all is to clean top to bottom/back to front. So, for instance, when cleaning an entertainment center, you would start at the top back near the wall, working your way to the front and then down in the same manner on each shelf. This ensures that dust from a higher shelf doesn’t fall onto an already clean lower shelf.

5. Spray Cleaner onto Your Cloth

It is far more efficient to spray your cleaning product directly onto your cloth rather than onto the furniture itself.

6. Pre-Arrange Furniture

If you really want to make cleaning your house as quick and easy as possible, it can pay off to arrange your furniture in a matter that promotes this. Leave enough space between things for dusting and vacuuming without moving them. If you don’t do this, you can also pre-arrange your furniture before you start cleaning so that the process is seamless once you start. Then move it back when you are finished.

7. Separate Wet and Dry Work

House cleaning professionals separate the job into two sections, wet work and dry work. Wet work includes tasks such as cleaning bathrooms, the kitchen, and hard floors. Dry work includes tasks such as dusting and vacuuming. Start with wet work and finish with dry work. It’s as simple as that.