Installing a dryer vent hose can be an annoyance depending on what kind of space you're working in and how exposed your vent opening is.

Materials Required:

  • 1 standard dryer vent duct (can be found on amazon)
  • 2 worm gear metal clamps or zip-ties (can be found on amazon)

Tools Required:

  • 1 flathead screwdriver
  • Pair of scissors (if you are replacing an old hose and need to cut it off)

Time Required:

15-25 minutes

1. Fitting the Hose to the Dryer

This part shouldn't be too difficult as most dryer vents are very accessible and therefore easier to attach the hose to. Fit it snuggly to one side and then ease it around the rest until its covering at least an inch of the dryer vent pipe. These hoses are pretty tough but be careful not to rip it on the edge of the vent!

2. Clamping the Hose to the Dryer

Wiggle the clamp up to the first rung of the vent hose and use your screwdriver to start tightening that screw! Tighten the clamp until it is very snuggly attached to the vent. You shouldn't be able to pull the vent hose off easily. You can also buy worm gear clamps with a turn key instead of a screw but you better make sure your vent has enough clearance from the wall to be able to fit your hand in and tighten it. In my case I didn't have enough clearance- as you'll see in step 4- so a clamp with a screw was more appropriate.

3. Fitting the Hose to the Vent Duct

Make sure you put the clamp around the hose first! This step can be trickier depending on what kind of space you're working in. In my case I was tightly cramped between the wall, the dryer and the washing machine! Same rules as step 1 apply. Wiggle the hose around one side of the vent and then you'll likely need to hold that side down as you pull the other side of the hose over the whole vent duct. Once you've pulled it over an inch or so of the vent hold it in place and go to step 4!

4. Clamping the Hose to the Vent Duct

Time to tighten the clamp. The vent ducts tend to be more softer than the dryer vents so you'll have to tighten the clamp quite a bit to ensure a snug fit. Once again you shouldn't be able to pull the hose off with any kind of ease.

5. Shrink the Hose Back

This is an important and oft forgotten step that ensures you don't damage your hose. Make sure that as you slide the dryer back into its final resting position that you shrink the hose! This can be an awkward step and you may have to do some acrobatics like I did depending on your laundry room's layout. Shrink the hose down and move the dryer back. Shrink it down again and move it back some more. Do this until your dryer is back in position and looking something like the picture below. Voila!