Brick and stone masonry has been common back through the building of castles in the medieval period of time. Ever since then, brick and stone masons have been popular.

You need a brick or stone mason when you are working on a house made of brick or stone, when you are considering building a home out of brick or stone, when you are thinking of purchasing a home out of brick or stone, or when you are doing major construction out of brick and stone. Brick and stone masons are the specialists in these types of things, and they should be used whenever major building with brick and stone is occurring.

Many brick and stone masons have their own businesses and some also work as contractors. What you need to do is to search for these people. Try an internet search with ?brick and stone masons, (insert your location here).? That should give you a head start. If you are unable to find anyone, go to a brick or stone supply store and ask if they have a list of contractors or masons who work with them on a regular basis. If this still turns up empty, try the local or state agency that licenses brick and stone masons. Lastly, you can look for the brick and stone masons union in your area, and ask for a list of people who are also contractors.

All these methods will yield you a brick or stone mason. Just like using other service providers, make sure you check references, previous work, and licensing requirements to verify they are who you want. Brick and stone masons, like architects, specialize in different areas and you want to make sure you get the right brick or stone mason for your job.