I’m all about quick and simple (and cheap!) DIY “hacks” for around the house. And one of the easiest that I know of is fixing a door that slams with a rubber band.

There are a lot of different reasons for slamming doors. They range from wind and weather to careless kids. It can even be a result of the design of the door itself. Whatever the reason for your slamming door, the noise is sure to be alarming (or at least annoying). Constant slamming can also damage both the door and the doorframe. We can also show you how to fix a squeaky hinge in 5 quick steps.

Fortunately, there are a lot of easy ways to stop a door from slamming. The abovementioned rubber band hack is my favorite.

Materials Required

1 Reasonably Large Rubber Band

Time Required

10 Seconds

Difficulty Level

Very Easy

Hire a Contractor?

Naturally, you’re not going to hire a contractor to fix a slamming door with a rubber band. But you can hire a contractor to perform a more thorough repair job. This can range from installing a pneumatic door closer to replacing the entire door (and possibly even the frame). Fortunately, only a simple fix is needed the vast majority of the time.

1. Hook the Rubber Band

Simply hook your rubber band around the doorknobs on both sides of the door. If you find you also want to change your door knob this may be a good time. The rubber bands I used were somewhat on the skinny side, so I ended up using three.

2. Make Sure It Doesn’t Interfere With Latches

If the rubber band interferes with the latches the door won’t shut properly. It might even make it slam more often. So make sure that the rubber band doesn’t interfere with the latch.

3. Test It Out!

The best thing about this home repair hack is that it works instantly. You’ll immediately notice a difference in the sound your door makes when it shuts. The rubber bands act as a cushioning to ease the door into the closed position. They reduce the slamming sound when this is done.

Other Ways to Fix a Slamming Door

The rubber band method is my favorite DIY way to fix a door that slams. However, it is just that – a hack – and not a true repair.

Another hack involves sticking felt pads (the kind you stick to the bottom of furniture) to the inside of your doorframe. They accomplish basically the same thing as a rubber band and are more discrete.

A slightly more involved DIY repair involves installing weather stripping. It’s important to note, however, that this only really works on exterior doors. The weather stripping acts as a buffer in much the same way as the rubber band or felt pads do. It’s just a little more professional and it will help better insulate your home as well.

Finally, you can invest in a pneumatic door closer or a hydraulic door closer. The pneumatic option is the most popular in homes while hydraulic closers are seen in commercial buildings (think the metal box with attached arm at the top of a hospital door).

Pneumatic door closers rely on air pressure to slowly and carefully close your door after it is opened. These options are generally only used on screen and storm doors. They are fairly easy to install and offer a number of adjustment settings for closing speed.

Final Thoughts on the Rubber Band Fix

It’s obviously not a be-all, end-all repair, but using a rubber band to fix a door that slams is easy as all get-out. It takes seconds to do and literally costs pennies. If you are suffering the wrath of a door that slams, this is the best temporary fix for you.