We all love the convenience of window blinds. The ability to black out the sun with the pull of a string is great on those Sunday mornings when you're just not ready for the light. Having said that, there's no denying the charm of a nice set of curtains and a curtain rod. This ancient and classic solution for providing privacy and shade will never go out of style for one simple reason, it looks better! If you're decorating your living space with industrial lighting and furnishings then modern blinds are just going to break the theme and flow of your decor; windows are an extension of your living space and should be no exception. An easy way to industrialize your window coverings is by replacing those curtain rods! Here are a few of our favorite industrial curtain rods to make your search a little easier:

1. Industrial Pipe Adjustable Rod from West Elm 

What says industrial better than exposed pipes? Even if you don't live in a hundred year old exposed brick warehouse loft in New York you can still enjoy the aesthetic quirkiness of exposed industrial features like piping. These rods come in two different finishes and multiple sizes for $79-109 from West Elm. If you're a fan of the exposed plumbing look then check out our hipster apartment decorating ideas for a brief instruction on how to construct a pipe shelf!

2. Barnes Antiqued Brass Curtain Rod Set from Crate & Barrel

Iron and aluminum finished with an antique-brass powder coat make this curtain rod one part industrial one part steam punk. We love this finish because of it's versatility. If the industrial look turns out to be a huge fad you're not stuck with something that looks passé. You can pick this rod up in a couple different size from Crate & Barrel for $69-99.

3. Curtain Rod Set from CB2

This one is for the people who live in homes with beautiful views that don't want to detract from it with garish curtain rods! A simple, elegant and still very industrial solution from CB2 for $12.99. You're not going to find anything much cheaper and you'll still achieve a very nice clean look that won't disrupt your industrial motif.

4. Standard Finial & Drape Rod - Antiqued Bronze from Pottery Barn

We love this simple curtain rod from Pottery Barn because it looks sturdy and substantial. For something to be industrial it has to look like it could be used in a factory of some sort. These rods are anything but flimsy and have a rich antiqued bronze finish that would look great against any surface but especially exposed brick! You can order these from Pottery Barn for $20-124.

5. Cast Iron Hotel Rod - Iron from Restoration Hardware

Hand forged from cast iron you can always count on Restoration Hardware for the best quality and sense of design. This telescoping rod adjusts for different sized windows and fits with a plethora of different styles and decors. Our absolute favorite rod of the bunch comes with the high price tag of $80-139 from Restoration Hardware depending on size. If you're not fully committed to decking your home out in industrial wares then try just doing your home office! Check out this list of industrial desks.