You might consider yourself quite handy around the house and with all of the do-it-yourself television shows and books; you might even feel like there is nothing you can't handle. But there are some projects that have to be done by trained professionals. Playing around with gas lines or electricity can be dangerous to you, your family and your home. Hiring a professional will save time and money and keep everyone safe.

Only a trained boiler specialist or HVAC expert should install a gas or electric boiler. To find an expert in your area you can:

  • Ask local gas or electric boiler dealers for a referral, they will know the best contractors in your area
  • Get a referral from other contractors you know or have dealt with
  • Ask the HVAC union or another trade union for a reputable company
  • Check in the yellow pages
  • Search the Internet ? most bigger companies will have a web site outlining all of their credentials, schedules and experience, along with testimonials from satisfied customers

When you have narrowed your search down to about two or three boiler contractors or HVAC companies, ask some very specific questions to find the one best suited to your needs. Your questions could include:

  • Are you authorized, certified and licensed to work in
  • How long have you been in business in
  • Are you certified by the Better Business Bureau or any other professional organization
  • Are there any negative reports filed against your company
  • Can I check your references and contact other customers
  • Are you insured
  • Do you provide free in home estimates on cost and duration of the project
  • Is your work guaranteed and do you provide any warranties

After getting satisfactory answers to these questions, there will probably be a whole bunch more, more specific to your situation. There are no dumb questions. It is your home and you have the right to know exactly what will be going on during the installation. Make sure there is a thorough and complete inspection before the job is declared complete. If, at any time, you smell gas, leave the house immediately and call the gas company from your neighbor?s house or you cell phone.