Closet doors are not usually the first thing on your mind when decorating your home. But, whether you are building a brand new house or renovating an older one, closet doors can greatly enhance the interior.

Trends in decorating affect all parts of a home, from flooring materials to paints to door handles. Closet doors are no exception. They can amplify the style of the décor or take away from it. There is a way to decide whether you wish to make your closet doors stand out and make a statement or blend in: If your room is lackluster, choose a closet door that stands out; if your room is already filled with decorative measures, let the closet doors take a back seat.

Here are five trending styles to choose from:

1. Industrial

Industrial styles are very much on-trend at the moment. These best suit a more urban, contemporary style of décor. They are very much suited to apartments and lofts, but a contemporary concrete and glass house is also a good home for these closet doors. They are often made of opaque glass and metal. Some of the opaque glass is somewhat see-through and, depending on how neat you are, the closet can add a lot of interest to the room! The metal frames can range from aluminum to the rusted look, depending on the rest of the décor. For the ambitious DIY'er, salvaged doors can be used to create a closet which will enhance the hipster look of your apartment.

2. Traditional 

Traditional styles generally match the look of your interior doors. These can be anything from plain doors to paneled doors. These are best if you are not trying to make a big statement with your closet. They blend into the environment and contribute to your cozy home decor.

3. Sliding Barn-style 

Barn door style closets work very well as a cozy cottage decorating idea, or in a farm house or beach house. These can be made out of woods such as pine or maple or be painted white or an interesting accent color to add panache!

4. Mirrored 

Mirrored closet doors used to be popular in a plain, sliding fashion. Nowadays, your mirrored closet doors are best used only in bedrooms and can even add to their glamor. The mirrors can be placed inside the panels and create added interest in the doors. They're best used to add light and visual space to the decor of a small apartment or a darker room. Avoid mirrored closet doors in the entrance hall; instead place an interesting mirror on the opposite wall.

5. Louvered 

Louvered closet doors used to be very fashionable in the Seventies and have somewhat lost their popularity, but if you are creative, you can still work these to your advantage. You can paint them in a color of your choice and then wipe away some of the paint to give them the aged look. Another idea is to use very large louvers; these are very chic painted white or navy for a beach house look. They can also be spiffed up with glossy paints to suit luxury apartments and houses

You can always be creative and use a combination of some of these styles on your closet doors. For example: have mirrors on the top panels and louvers on the bottom or industrial metal and glass hung on a barn door sliding rail.

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