Houston, Texas is a massive sprawling city, with a population of about 2.3 million. Of those 2.3 million people how many do you think are interior decorators and designers? So many that it can be extremely difficult to sift through and find the decorator that's right for your taste and budget. We've selected some of our favorites that fit a variety of styles and  budgets. Below you'll see a bit of info about the designer along with an example of their work. Bare in mind that most designers are comfortable designing for any style but our advice is to look through their work and find out if any of their past work fits your tastes before making your decision. 

1. gindesigns 

We chose this example from gindesigns for one simple reason, it shows restraint, a quality some decorators lack particularly when money is being handed to them to fill a space. This bedroom is a fantastic exercise in minimalism. A handful of quality pieces come together to make a room you can't wait to spend time in. Elements from the outside are brought in and incorporated masterfully. We love how the chandelier contributes to the modernity of the space while mimicking the branches right outside the window. Gin Braverman started her design firm with an open mind and grew it into a nationally renowned business that earned her a spot on the HGTV show Home Rules as its lead designer. If you're opting for a more contemporary decor then this could be the team you're looking for.

2. Pamela Hope Designs

Pamela O'Brien has been dedicated to the field of interior decorating and design ever since she was a young girl. With just a brief overview of the picture above you get the sense that Pamela knows how to make a home feel homey, a very underrated skill! Upon closer review of this room you'll find that the attention to detail is quite breathtaking. Various off white shades quietly dominate the room while an accent of robin egg blue pops up in a number of places creating a cheerful and inviting space that sums up Pamela's design aesthetic very nicely. We always appreciate a firm like Pamela Hope Designs, who knows that home is where the heart is and decorates accordingly! Pamela's rates are very reasonable and can suit any number of budgets.

3. Kristina Wilson Design

It doesn't get much more fun than decorating a loft! A big open space where the designer is challenged to put both living, dining and sometimes bedroom furniture all in one room. The key is to keep it eclectic. If a massive space becomes a little too matchy-matchy then that room is going to become very boring after a few months of living in it. Kristina Wilson blended mid-century modern furniture, some quirky accessories and a contemporary area rug to create one of our favorite homes in Houston. Kristina Wilson Design was an ASID - Best of Show winner in 2012 and is becoming a fixture in the Houston design world. If fun and fresh is what you want your home to be then Kristina will deliver with flying colors.

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4. Contour Interior Design

We can't begin to speak about Contour Interior Design until we've told you a little about its founder, Nina Magon. She is an internationally renowned interior decorator and tv personality. In 2013 she was selected by Nate Berkus to be on NBC's American Dream Builders in which 12 designers and builders competed to win the title of the first American Dream Builder. Nina earned her keep and finished as a semi-finalist but more importantly has been enjoying an amazing career in the design world ever since. Her services are definitely not suited to every budget but as you can see in the picture above she offers a unique and hand curated design for every one of her clients.

5. Laura U

Laura Umansky founded Laura U Interior Design in 2006 and has been bringing her Classically Current© style to the homes of Houston ever since. Laura has a strong sense of design history and that shines through in her ability to seamlessly incorporate modern pieces into a classic decor. This room pictured above perfectly evokes the Southern Americana style. One part barn and one part hacienda, the room is bright, fresh and inviting. If you're looking for a decorator that'll create a room you'll never get sick of Laura is the one you're looking for!