Remodeling the home or adding a new addition to it is often an exciting and enjoyable project. Part of this project is hiring a plumbing contractor to be certain that everything complies with local building codes and is installed the way it should be installed.

When Is A Plumber Necessary?

If there is going to be any running water at all in the remodel or the new edition, a professional plumber should be called. Plumbing is not a do it yourself sort of project. Projects as big as remodeling or building an addition, will need a professional plumber. It will cost less in the long run, by minimizing potential problems ? it will also cost less because it will avoid the fines many localities charge non-professionals who engage in major plumbing work.

  • Exterior - A remodeling project will more than likely require access to the water main. An old water main should just be replaced or it will just cause problems later on. If unsure of the state of the water main, consult the plumbing contractor.
  • Bathrooms ? A bathroom with good plumbing is very important when remodeling a bathroom or adding a new bathroom. It is far too easy to connect the plumbing wrongly, which will lead to sinks and toilets backing up and ruining all the new work that just occurred. A bathroom with poor plumbing can cause problems all over the house, causing a great deal of damage. Avoid all that by using a trustworthy plumbing contractor.
  • Kitchens ? The kitchen?s water supply is another important thing to consider when remodeling. Kitchen sinks, with the usual garbage disposal, are a major plumbing concern. Dishwashers also have to be attached to the water supply, as do refrigerators that dispense ice and/or water. Make a note of all the water and waste requirements the new or remodeled kitchen will require, then talk to the plumbing contractor about it.
  • Laundry Rooms ? Hot and cold water are both necessary for the washing machine. Any sink in the laundry room will also need attention from the plumbing contractor.
  • Water Heaters ? A water heater is another necessity for any home. A plumber should be well-versed in connecting either a conventional water heater with a tank or a new tankless water heater without any difficulty. An old water heater could be replaced with a newer, more efficient one. The cost of buying a new water heater will quickly be offset by the saving in energy costs.
  • Ponds, Pools, and Jacuzzis ? All of the mentioned items will require the services of a plumber of a plumbing contractor. There are a lot of factors riding on the size and type of the water feature to be installed, so be sure of all the details before talking to the plumber. These can be wonderful and beautiful additions to a home, so don?t take any chances on them being improperly installed.