Everyone who has had a plumbing problem, who isn?t a plumber, knows that feeling of helplessness when water starts to flood the floor and spray out from places water shouldn?t spray. No amount of plunging or bolt-tightening seems to help with the problem.

All that can be done is to clean up as best as possible and attempt to contain the problem. That isn?t a solution, however. The real solution lies in calling a plumbing service to take care of the broken or clogged pipe once and for all.

What A Plumber Can Do

It is important to take good care of a home in order to keep its value high, not to mention for the safety and health of the family inside it. Plumbers have the right tools for the job and the skills to go with them, enabling them to diagnose problems and conduct repairs.

Toilets ? Many homes with small children have experienced the ultimate clog ? some toy or other bulky object flushed down the toilet, which then lodges somewhere deep in the pipes. Plunging won?t help and repeated flushing will only flood the floor. This is the time to call a plumbing expert. The plumber has a special tool, like a pipe snake, that can clear out any normal clogs. If the problem is too big for that, they can disconnect the toilet and manually clear the blockage. This is not a do it yourself project!

Sewer Main Problems ? Plumbing professionals use the best technology available to find and fix problems involving the transfer of water to and through homes. There are special cameras used to look through pipes and find problems that could not otherwise be seen. Roto rooters not only clear clogs but can remove tree roots insinuating themselves into outside pipes. Today, there are even systems that can rebuild pipes from the inside, preventing the cost of replacement.

Sinks ? Any home will need a periodic cleaning of its drainage system. Over the years, there can be buildup on the side of the pipes that will eventually cause a difficult clog. Sometimes commercial drain cleaners can clear up a sluggish drain, but sometimes a professional plumber is necessary. A plumber is less harmful to the plumbing system and can not only remove the clog, but make the pipe just about as good as new.

Installations ? New appliances that require water, such as garbage disposals, washing machines, dishwashers, or water heaters, should be installed with the help of a plumber. Plumbers are experienced in these things and know not only what appliances are the best, but which are the most cost-effective. The transition between old and new appliances is a great time to call a plumber and get some maintenance done, while all the plumbing is exposed.