Pests and rodents are a major nuisance. Most people find them annoying (and gross). They can even affect the health of you and your family. Naturally, keeping them at bay is highly important. But too many people wait to worry about pest control until it is too late – until the pests are already inside and settled in. It is far easier to prevent pests from entering your home than it is to get them to leave when they have already established residence.

Below are a few of the best preventative pest control tips that everyone should take into consideration. Even if you don’t currently have a pest problem, these tips and tricks will help ensure that you don’t get one in the future.

1. Clean, Clean, Clean

Want to know the best preventative pest control tip around? Keep your home clean. Rodents, cockroaches, spiders, and other insects thrive off uncleanliness, especially when it comes to food. If your kitchen is left dirty, then your chances of a pest infestation greatly increase. Pests need food too. If they can find it in your kitchen, boy, will they be happy.

So keep your kitchen as clean and tidy as possible. Don’t leave your dirty dishes in the sink. Wash them after use. Wipe down your counters and sweep your floors of crumbs everyday. Take out the trash when it is full rather than let it sit. And put away food from grocery bags as soon as you get home. Keeping your foods such as grains and pet food in sealed jars is another great idea.

2. Tidy Up the Outside of Your Home

Pests have to live somewhere before they enter your home. And this somewhere is generally the area surrounding your house. If your yard is in too shaggy of condition, it makes it all the easier for pests to find routes into the inside of your house.

For example, tree branches and shrubbery that touch your home act like highways for insects looking for a free ride. Keep these cut back and away from your home. The same goes with your lawn. Mow it regularly and keep it back off of your house.

3. Keep it Sealed

The easiest way for pests to enter your home is through holes and cracks. Even the tiniest holes and cracks allow pests through. One of the best preventative pest control tips is to seal these holes and cracks before they are used.

Take the time to look around your house for such entry points. Seal them with a caulking bought at any home improvement store. Take special care to seal cracks around windows and doors, by pipes entering and leaving the house, and where television, phone, and Internet cables leave the interior to go outside.

Final Thoughts

It can’t be said enough: preventative pest control is a whole lot easier, cheaper, and less time consuming than getting rid of pests that have already set up camp. Follow the advice above and you’ll be one step ahead of creepy crawly critters that want nothing more than to get by rent free inside your home.